Cymax on Amazon Pay

Cymax’s customer-centric approach: prioritizing seamless checkouts with Amazon Pay

Cymax has been using Amazon Pay as part of its eCommerce strategy since 2013, integrating the digital payment service across their desktop web, mobile web, and mobile app.

Founded in 2004, Cymax is one of North America’s largest online-only furniture retailers. Their innovations in optimizing the eCommerce experience have made them the go-to destination for home and office products, catering to Commercial projects with Cymax Business and residential spaces with With proven eCommerce expertise, they have since expanded to offer solutions for simplifying multi-channel eCommerce through their Channel Gate and Freight Club platforms.

Furniture retailer keeps the focus on their customer

For Cymax, it’s all about the customer experience. When Cymax realized they could offer their customers the same seamless experience as purchasing through Amazon Marketplace, Cymax’s highest-converting marketplace, opting for Amazon Pay was a no-brainer.

The online retail experts at Cymax immediately saw the value of adding Amazon Pay because of the large overlap between their customer base and Amazon’s. “We’re a large marketplace seller on, and not everything we offer is available on Amazon,” explains Ron E. “Amazon Pay is vital to providing the same easy, trusted experience to hundreds of millions of Amazon customers off Amazon.”

Cymax has been using Amazon Pay as part of its eCommerce strategy since 2013, integrating the digital payment service across their desktop web, mobile web, and mobile app. By 2017, Amazon Pay had become the payment method of choice, and a particular favorite during the holiday season.

Boosting sales through a customer-centric payment method

Since integrating Amazon Pay, Cymax has seen an overall increase in customers choosing Amazon Pay. When they began using Pay in 2013, cart share was 10%-15% with steady growth over the years.

Along with a growing customer preference for Amazon Pay, Cymax is also seeing customers convert more quickly during checkout. In fact, the checkout experience with Amazon Pay has proven to be 20 seconds faster than Cymax’s native checkout option. This streamlined checkout has contributed to a conversion rate with Amazon Pay that is higher than their native payment services.

“We had already seen a surge in customers starting to use Amazon Pay on our site,” Ron E. explains. “We’re also seeing that customers who use Amazon Pay are more likely to come back and make repeat purchases.”

Improving customer satisfaction and trust

Most importantly, Cymax is receiving anecdotal evidence of increased customer satisfaction and trust. Many online customers’ testimonials praise Amazon Pay’s frictionless checkout as a perk of shopping with the company. A frequent topic of discussion is how easy Amazon Pay is to use. One customer expressed gratitude in not having to create another account.

“Once I came across Home Square [a Cymax subsidiary], not only did I find the perfect dresser, I was able to checkout through my Amazon account. I didn’t have to go through inputting all of my personal info because it popped right up once I logged in.” – Cymax customer

Seven years after implementing Amazon Pay, Cymax is only feeling more confident about the beneficial role of Amazon Pay in growing their business. For eCommerce experts like Cymax, Amazon Pay has been an easy way to continue innovating on behalf of their customers. Cymax looks forward to the prospect of being the first online furniture store to offer voice purchasing functionality. Visit Cymax Business’ website here and Cymax Group’s official website here.

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