Add Amazon Pay to your Magento store and let hundreds of millions of Amazon customers shop on your website.

Fast and easy setup (Magento 2*)

01 Log in to Magento

Log in to your Magento Admin Portal.

02 Go to Payment Method

Click on Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Method.

03 Configure Amazon Pay

Scroll down to Amazon Pay and click “Configure”, then “I’ve already setup Amazon Pay, I want to edit my settings”.

04 Log in to Amazon Seller Central

Log in to your Amazon Pay account on Seller Central and click “Copy your keys”.

05 Return to Magento

Go back to your Magento Admin Portal and paste the Keys text you just copied into the “Credentials JSON” field.

06 Enable Amazon Pay

Scroll down to “Options” and click “Enable Amazon Pay”.
*To get started on Magento 1, visit the Magento Marketplace to download the Amazon Pay plugin. then, follow this guide for installation and configuration instructions.

One button, so many opportunities

Checkout optimisation

Optimize your checkout

Offer Amazon customers the ability to buy without creating a new account or entering credit card information.
Increasing conversions

Increase conversions

Adding Amazon Pay as a checkout option can increase conversions and lower cart abandonment1.
Innovative checkout

Be an early adopter of voice

Stay in front of the voice shopping trend by leveraging Amazon Pay’s connected commerce expertise and tools.

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