Why Amazon Pay is the better way to pay

There are plenty of ways to pay. But what sets Amazon Pay apart? It’s faster, safer, and more convenient.

Originally posted 7/7/22

When it comes to shopping online, the days of fumbling for your credit card and typing in all those numbers, expiration dates, and security codes are over. So is the hassle of having to create a whole new account and password just to make a one-time purchase — along with the hassle of having to enter your billing address and shipping information for the umpteenth time.

As millions of people have already discovered, there’s a better way. Free yourself from the frustration of filling out forms with the fast, stress-free convenience of Amazon Pay. It offers the same easy and familiar checkout experience you’ve come to appreciate from Amazon — anywhere you shop online.

And the best part is, if you have an Amazon account, you already have Amazon Pay. There’s nothing to set up. Just look for the Amazon Pay button at checkout and breathe a sigh of relief.

But what makes Amazon Pay so much better than other payment methods?


It’s faster

Amazon Pay transactions are 49% faster.1 Without forms to fill out or new accounts to create, Amazon Pay reduces what used to take minutes to seconds. In just a few clicks, your purchase is complete, without having to enter a single keystroke. The same way it is when you make purchases on Amazon. Fewer steps mean less time.

It’s more convenient

Amazon Pay uses the payment information that’s already safely stored in your existing Amazon.com account to enable you to make purchases on tens of thousands of websites. That also includes your address book, so if you’re shopping for friends, business contacts, or family members, their shipping info is ready to auto-populate in a click. Amazon Pay also enables you to track and manage all your purchases in one place.


It’s safer

You can check out with confidence anywhere that accepts Amazon Pay knowing your transaction is protected by state-of-the-art encryption — and your data and personal information are secure. Amazon Pay stands out because it’s backed by the same trusted around-the-clock anti-fraud technology used on Amazon.com. You’ll receive alerts if a security issue is ever detected, and our customer support and security teams are on the case and ready to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It comes with a guarantee

When you use Amazon Pay to make a transaction on a third-party website, you get the peace of mind of Amazon Pay’s A-to-z Guarantee on the condition and timely delivery of your qualified purchases. That means if you don’t get what you paid for, you’ll have the opportunity to receive full reimbursement or to cancel your authorized payment on eligible physical goods.

It’s seamless

You can easily use Amazon Pay across all your devices, whether you’re on mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Pay’s seamless checkout experience for yourself? Learn more today — or simply look for the Amazon Pay button at checkout wherever you shop online. It’s that easy.

1 “Amazon Pay transactions took an average of one minute and 27 seconds, a 49 percent time reduction from the two minutes and 53 seconds that regular checkouts take.” –PYMTNS.com Buy Button Report 2021, February 2021.