When and how should I contact the merchant?

If you made your purchase using Amazon Pay and an issue arises with your order, you should contact the merchant. Here’s how.

Amazon Pay wants every transaction to go as smoothly as possible, but in rare cases, disputes will occur. Because an Amazon Pay transaction is an agreement between a merchant and you, we suggest that you contact the merchant to resolve any issue. You can contact the merchant via email or through Amazon Pay.

Contact the merchant through Amazon Pay


1. Sign in, then click Check your Amazon Pay orders.

2. On the Amazon Pay activity page, find the corresponding order or transaction, then click Details.

3. Choose one of the following problem types from the drop-down menu:

● Where’s my stuff?

● Item damaged or defective

● Item received too late

● Request return, refund, or cancellation

● Was overcharged for item

● Request invoice

4. Send a message about your issue by clicking Send to merchant.

Contact the merchant via email


1. On the Amazon Pay activity page, find the corresponding order or transaction, then click Details.

2. You can find the merchant’s email address under business details on the order Details page.

3. Help resolve your problem quickly by providing the following information in your email:

● Order details, including any merchant info, the Amazon Pay order reference, and a list of the items you purchased

● The cost of each item in the order

● Shipment details

● A detailed description of the problem with your order

● Your preferred resolution for the problem

When the issue does not relate to the services offered by Amazon Pay directly but to the services provided by the merchant, or if the issue cannot be resolved with the merchant, you can dispute the transaction with Amazon Pay by filing a claim directly from the View Order Details page.

When you use Amazon Pay to make purchases, you’re protected by our A-to-z Guarantee.