What consumers are saying about Amazon Pay

Don’t take our word for it — hear what your fellow shoppers think about Amazon Pay.

When shopping online, customers like you often decide which payment service they’ll use to make a digital purchase based on these three must-haves: Security, trust, and convenience.[1] But don’t take our word for it, here’s a few things some of your fellow shoppers have said about their payment method must-haves:


Many customer online reviews that mention checking out with Amazon Pay speak to speed and peace of mind. Along with our quick processing time, consumers appreciate the fact that they don’t need to reenter their information, since they aren’t required to create a new account with the merchant or pull out their credit card again.

Very quick and easy processing.... loved the use of Amazon Pay.
Saves time since Amazon already has my card info and shipping address.
Amazon Pay was super helpful! I didn’t need to take out my credit card and type all my information into a merchant’s website where I might only buy something once or twice.
Very easy to browse the website...checkout very straightforward with Amazon Pay as an option! Excellent!
I was very surprised when the payment required came up with credit cards or Amazon Pay. It was so quick and easy. Everything about Amazon is quick and easy. I LOVE IT!
Nothing bad to say. Ordered a new phone...Delivery was quoted as around 10 days as I opted for free delivery. Lo and behold, the phone arrived the following morning! Payment was easy via Amazon Pay.

Security & Trust

While the convenience Amazon Pay provides is important, we’ve noticed shoppers choose a brand they trust. This is reflected in a number of customer’s reviews indicating their gratitude for a brand when it offers Amazon Pay because of the reputation of the larger Amazon brand.

[The] option to pay via Amazon Pay was excellent. Really made my day. Thank you.
I love the ability to use Amazon Pay.
When making a gift purchase, I saw Amazon Pay as a payment option. Rather than giving my credit card info to an unfamiliar retailer, I chose to use Amazon Pay. I felt more secure using my Amazon account.
I try not to shop on websites which I’m not familiar with because I feel uneasy about sharing personal information such as credit card info and my billing address. However, if one of these smaller, less familiar websites do have the Amazon Pay logo it makes me feel more secure about shopping there.
I trust Amazon and shop almost exclusively with them. At the few places I shop that are not Amazon, I will choose the merchants that offer Amazon Pay over another. I believe that the fewer places that have my payment information the better.
We strive to provide you with a fast, familiar experience whether you shop on or off Amazon.

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