There’s no place like Brentwood Home for high-quality home goods

How a family-run mattress manufacturer successfully became a direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand.

In these challenging days, rest is hard to come by. Why not make this holiday a little more peaceful by giving your loved ones what they really want but would never ask for — which is, very simply, a good night’s sleep? To find high-quality mattresses and luxurious bedding at reasonable prices, look no further than Brentwood Home — one of the featured brands in our holiday gift guide.

Based in L.A., Brentwood Home, is more than your run-of-the-mill mattress-in-a-box company — although their products, including their high-quality mattresses, are sent conveniently straight to your door. This family-run business has been handcrafting mattresses of superb quality for more than 30 years.

In an interview with Sleepopolis, CEO Vy Nguyen explained how, in 2005, he turned his parents’ business from a mattress manufacturing company to a lifestyle brand: “I took over the family company with the goal of expanding our impact through health-conscious, handcrafted, quality products made in California,” he said.

Under Vy Nguyen’s bold leadership, Brentwood Home has successfully become a eco-friendly home essentials brand, in part, because it’s still a manufacturer at its core. Brentwood Home operates out of their own factory in California, so they can oversee design of all their products, from concept to manufacturing.

This is how they’ve maintained their commitment to using sustainable, natural, and ethically-sourced materials in their products — whether that’s an organic coconut-husk layer in an infant mattress or an organic natural latex as part of a pillow. They make it all themselves. But how they’ve managed to keep the price down while offering their customers high-quality luxury at the same time — they’ve managed to do that by cutting out the retail middleman, becoming a direct-to-consumer company in 2012.

Since then, Brentwood Home has continued to reinvent itself and expand its offerings as an eco-conscious lifestyle brand by moving out of the bedroom and into wellness. Their new Crystal Cove Oval Meditation Pillow was designed in collaboration with one of L.A.’s top yoga instructors, Angela Kukhahn, and was made with natural, vegan, non-toxic materials, and given enough height to support your spine during extended periods of sitting.

The newest addition to the Crystal Cove line, the pillow comes with a soft stretch-knit cover that’s embroidered with a pattern of calming waves, which were inspired by the surf and tide pools of California’s Crystal Cove State Park. And, like all of Brentwood Home’s products, it’s been made to last. An organic cotton inner liner makes it easy to remove and refill the buckwheat hulls on the inside for a pillow that’s always fresh.

So, whether you’re looking to commit to a new mattress this holiday — with a hassle-free 120-night testing period — or you’re just looking for a luxurious place to rest your tailbone during your morning meditation, you can trust Brentwood Home to deliver a quality that won’t disappoint. “As my parents always said: “Anything that will be in your life for longer than the short term,” said Nguyen, “should be there to enrich it.”

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