The fragrance industry gets a digital makeover

Scentbird is taking cues from customer data to generate one-of-a-kind fragrances.

Scentbird is an innovative direct-to-consumer fragrance company, which InStyle dubbed the Netflix for Perfume.” Since its founding in 2014, the company has based its business on a simple premise: What if perfume and cologne enthusiasts could sample from a selection over 500 fragrances for a flat monthly fee?

Helping customers find their dream scent

Scentbird makes it easier and significantly more affordable for curious customers to find fragrances that they love. The company’s monthly samples come in atomizers designed for 30 days of use. If one scent turns out not to be a good fit, subscribers can keep experimenting until they land on a product they truly love. Say goodbye to shelling out for a pricey and oversized bottle that you never end up using.

“Sixty percent of women who wear perfume switch between multiple fragrances. In fact, the number one reason women buy perfume is to get something new or different,” Scentbird CEO Mariya Nurislamova told InStyle. “Sticking to one scent feels stifling and outdated.”

Of course, how does one even begin to pick from over 500 fragrances? Scentbird’s site provides customers with virtual tools to help them make the best possible decision about the product to sample that month. After subscribers take an initial quiz, the site helps point them in the right direction, and generates recommendations that they can add to their queue for future orders. The questions on the quiz don’t just cover scent preferences and favorite brands, they also dive into personality, ensuring that the recommendations are tailored to each customer’s specific profile.

Using advanced tools to create dream products

In keeping with their innovative strategy, Scentbird also utilizes the data compiled from their user base to create their own signature fragrances. Last year, the company unveiled their Confessions of a Rebel collection, which features perfumes and colognes inspired by millions of data points gathered from roughly 300,000 users. All members were polled to determine the name of the scent, and five potential fragrance options were sent to a group of over 2,000 individuals in their “Tastemaker Program” to provide input.

“Perfumery is still an art, but using data enhances the process,” Nurislamova explained to the Observer.

As they move into the future, Scentbird is continuing to build out its personalization algorithm to bring the gift of discovery and convenience to fragrance lovers everywhere.

Looking for a home run this Mother’s Day? A Scentbird subscription makes for the perfect gift. Visit their site to browse their extensive catalogue and learn more about their subscription service.