The feel-good clean beauty brand making you feel confident in your skin

SaltyGirl Beauty wants you to feel as good as you look, without relying on harmful chemicals.

Slowly but surely, the beauty industry is evolving from selling superficial “fixes” for the outside, to offering beauty consumers something more substantial. As more customers have begun to research exactly what it is they’re putting on their skin, their focus has shifted to both internal and external beauty.

SaltyGirl Beauty is a brand that goes beyond the merely skin-deep to celebrate women from all backgrounds. Using natural ingredients, SaltyGirl Beauty lets you create rituals that nourish your skin and enhance your natural features. The brand promotes self-care as a way to self-love, using beauty products as tools to make you feel confident in your own skin.

Bigger than Beauty

SaltyGirl Beauty was founded as a cosmetic line and evolved into a holistic beauty company after seeing the need to celebrate women’s beauty, whether they’re wearing makeup or not. After co-founder Sarah Kelly was diagnosed with Stage 3 triple-negative breast cancer while pregnant in 2015, she and her sister Leah Robert did everything they could to address her health. From changing up her diet to looking at what she put on her skin, Kelly’s whole perspective on self-care changed. Together, the two did hours of research and became experts on the ingredients we put in, and on, our bodies daily.

Meanwhile, Kelly was going through chemotherapy. After losing her hair, she used makeup to give her back some of her confidence and wanted to share that feeling with more women. Teaming up with Robert, Kelly made it her mission to spread that feeling of self-love. SaltyGirl Beauty was born to expand the definition of beauty past what someone looks like, to focus on how they feel.

Changing beauty for the better

During her cancer journey, Kelly realized how many dangerous ingredients are hiding in most of our beauty cabinets and makeup vanities. SaltyGirl Beauty products aim to replace those with nourishing, clean ingredients that do only good, without the harm.

Inspired by the makeup that gave Kelly her confidence back after chemo, SaltyGirl Beauty’s first venture was into clean makeup. Now they also have a body care line and a bevy of skincare products to take your full routine from day to night without any of the harsh chemicals. Each thoughtful product packs a punch, meaning you don’t have to adopt a high-maintenance routine to feel good about yourself. The opposite is true: By simplifying your ingredients, routine, and process, you can focus on enhancing your organic cosmetics with natural ingredients that make you feel good.

Try everything from makeup to body care

At SaltyGirl, beauty is a head-to-toe affair. Their new body care line is the self-care indulgence that most of us need, but don’t often give ourselves the time for. Their collection of bath soaps, body scrubs, and more are the perfect tools to entice you to take some time for yourself — not just to look your best, but to feel your best, too.

The Tangerine Lime Salt and Sugar Scrub is a fan-favorite body scrub that hits all the right notes. The invigorating scent makes you feel refreshed, giving you a much-needed reset from any stressors in your life. The sweet scent will have you smelling like citrus all day, and the luxurious blend of oils, salt, and sugar pull double duty to exfoliate and moisturize your whole body.

For a confidence boost, you would be remiss not to try SaltyGirl Beauty’s premium makeup collection. SaltyGirl Beauty combines good ingredients with innovation to simplify and detoxify your makeup routine.

For on-the-go ease, try the staple Mascara, which will instantly make you look more awake with natural-looking, long lashes that are never clumpy. This simple but effective mascara pairs well with the Multi Stick, a cream blush for your lips, eyes, and cheeks. This simplistic take on makeup lets you get the most out of the best products.

For the full, easy morning routine, try the whole 5 minute Make Up Kit, which includes all the basics: concealer, foundation, lip color, mascara, and the multi-stick. Whether you want to stock up on basics or try out a more elaborate look, SaltyGirl’s organic cosmetics are your best bet for high-quality, clean makeup.

Giving back to the community

Beauty is not the only way SaltyGirl founders Kelly and Robert give back. Along with their two other siblings Kristen and Ted, they founded Foundation4Love, which helps couples and families keep their connections strong during hard times.

When Kelly was diagnosed with cancer, she and her husband, Chris, made it a priority to keep their relationship strong, since it was the foundation of their family. Their extended family and friends rallied to provide support, offering helpful services and gestures or small gifts, which enabled the couple to stay connected amid the chemo and the chaos.

The positive effect of having a support system inspired the siblings to start Foundation4Love, hoping to provide that same support to other families in need. They hope to inspire and provide for people in similar situations who need extra help or resources.

The SaltyGirl founders also created the Warrior Revolution to empower those dealing with cancer through education, friendship, and fun. This community combines personal stories with inspiration and education for another holistic resource for women battling cancer.

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