TB12 Sports is changing the fitness game by focusing on recovery

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady offers insight into his own fitness routine while also building a brand at peak performance.

Originally posted 12/02/20

If you’ve got a fitness lover in your life, we’re here to help you get them a gift they’ll appreciate this season. Legendary quarterback Tom Brady’s global health and wellness company, TB12, offers great solutions for anyone looking to make a fitness or nutrition lifestyle change — especially for those already looking ahead to their New Year’s resolutions.

Tom Brady may be 43 years old, but you would never know it by looking at him. If you want what he’s got, you can have it by following Brady’s own holistic approach to health and wellness with the TB12 Method, a lifestyle routine he developed with his Body Coach and Co-founder Alex Guerrero that emphasizes performance through recovery, and includes everything from personalized diet and exercise routines to overall wellness tips.

For Brady, staying hydrated and eating right are essential parts of achieving peak performance. Brady’s own diet is all about balance and moderation: While it includes plenty of fresh vegetables, it eschews alcohol, white sugar, white flour, and dairy. (Fun fact: Brady’s never tried coffee.) That’s why Brady’s #1 New York Times Bestseller – The TB12 Method – also includes helpful recipes from Tom’s personal chef, to help make it easy for anyone to follow his food regimen.

Brady also recommends drinking more water than the typical daily intake – to the tune of half of your body weight a day in ounces of water – and on a heavy workout day, Tom may drink up to 25 glasses of water! The TB12 Method isn’t just about drinking more, it’s about drinking smarter. TB12 makes an electrolyte concentrate, with 72 trace minerals, to ensure your body gets what it needs to replenish itself. TB12 also offers supplements that can help with performance and muscle recovery before and after an intense workout, and a plant-based protein.

The TB12 Performance & Recovery Centers — in Foxboro, Boston, and Tampa, the latter of which just opened in August — provide a range of services for people looking to improve their fitness and recovery routine. Their state-of-the-art facilities offer everything from diagnostic tools to propriety strength and conditioning equipment. During one-on-one sessions, a Body Coach can help formulate an ideal routine that is right for you, regardless of your age or fitness level. They use cutting-edge technology like anti-gravity treadmills in order to determine your metabolic rate, assess your gait, and analyze your jump.

The expert Body Coaches are also available for virtual appointments, which are a convenient way to experience TB12’s approach to training and recovery regardless of where you live. TB12’s extensive library of at-home workouts are a great way to stay healthy and in shape amid the challenges of COVID-19.

TB12 took an exciting step forward this summer with the launch of an innovative new supplement called Protect. Designed to activate your immune system and minimize stress-induced immune suppression, Protect features a proprietary blend of novel ingredients like larch tree extract, beta glucan, and elderberry, as well as immune-supporting staples like Vitamin C and Zinc.

Whether you decide to adopt the whole TB12 Method, or simply opt for a fan-favorite TB12 hoodie to wear to the gym, give the gift of a healthy lifestyle to yourself or a loved one and make checkout easier with Amazon Pay.