Sugarfina has all the sweetest gifts

For Valentine’s Day, give them artisan candy that looks as good as it tastes.

Partnering with artisan candy makers from around the world, Sugarfina creates a wide range of products in unique flavors that offer something for everyone: from gummies to cordials, cocktail-infused candies and chocolate bars. A candy brand for the adult palate, Sugarfina combines high quality luxury candy with a fun and engaging aesthetic.


Ever wonder what your favorite cold brew coffee might taste like in a dark chocolate shell? Take a bite into Sugarfina’s Cold Brew Cordials dark chocolate candy, rolled in crushed espresso beans, to find a liquid coffee center. Or try the best-selling Peach Bellini gummies, filled with a juicy peach flavor and dusted in sweet and sour crystals.

A Candy Boutique for Grown-Ups

Sugarfina’s uniquely fresh approach to gourmet confections combines creativity and imagination that is carried out in a variety of their cocktail candies. Both delicious and a sight to behold, the Sugarfina team is constantly innovating on-trend products and flavors. From the popular Champagne Bears® made with Vintage Champagne to Tequila Grapefruit Sours, these alcohol-inspired candies are infused with the finest spirits for a one-of-a-kind indulgence. If you’re a fan of rosé, there’s a variety of different rosé-infused gummies, from the most popular Rosé All Day®Bears, to Sparkling Rosé Bears dusted in tart sugar crystals. Whether you’re in the mood for gummies, chocolates or cordials, Sugarfina has it all.

Say It with Sweets This Valentine’s Day


To cherish every Valentine on your list, Sugarfina’s exclusive Valentine’s Day Collection tells a love story of its own. Celebrate romantic first dates with the Picnic Date 3 Piece Candy Bento Box® filled with bestselling candies. Designed and shaped like a matchbox, The Perfect Match 2 Piece Candy Bento Box® celebrates your fiery love story and is filled with Champagne Bears® and Sugar Lips® that are sure to leave a spark. The collection also features the luxurious Valentine’s Day Pre-Set Mini Candy Trunk featuring delicious sweets and lavish details.


For galentines and valentines alike, Sugarfina’s small Candy Cubes®: Sugar Lips®, Champagne Bears®, Peach Bellini® and Berry Sparkle Pops® are perfect for everyone on your list.

Must-Have Products Wrapped in Luxurious Packaging

Over the years, Sugarfina has partnered with different food & beverage, entertainment, and lifestyle brands for creative collaborations. Some of their most recent collaborations include The Simpsons, and the world’s first hard-seltzer infused gummies with Truly Hard Seltzer®. These collaborations create must-have, newsworthy, and shareable products for everyone to enjoy.

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