Subscribing to The Washington Post takes just 30 seconds with Amazon Pay

Learn how the Washington Post and Amazon Pay are making the subscription sign-up process easier.

The new year is a great time to forge new habits—and as 2019 gets under way, many of us are resolving to stay more informed. If you’re interested in staying more informed on the latest news and considering a subscription to a top newspaper such as The Washington Post, you’re under a half-minute away from fulfilling your New Year’s resolution.

As journalism goes digital, The Washington Post decided to integrate Amazon Pay into its website, allowing customers to sign up using the payment information already stored in their Amazon accounts. Without the need to create a new account, customers can generally sign up in less than 30 seconds—65% faster than with other payment options.

Our goal is to make the experience of signing up for a subscription as frictionless as possible—and that’s what Amazon Pay offers.

– Miki King

Not only does the fast sign-up process save customers time; it’s also boosting the total number of subscriptions. Today, The Washington Post touts more than 1 million paid digital subscribers—and its goal is to continue to expand readership around the globe.

Since adding Amazon Pay, The Washington Post has increased overall conversions on its site. In addition, decline rates have decreased, thanks to the fact that Amazon Pay can use back-up credit cards when a customer’s attempted purchase reveals insufficient funds. “There’s a lower incidence of declines with Amazon Pay, which ultimately means more subscriptions,” says Miki King, The Washington Post’s Vice President of Marketing.

King believes customer familiarity with Amazon Pay will help The Washington Post broaden its reach—especially as it introduces new brands. “I absolutely believe Amazon Pay will create more opportunities for us,” she says. “It’ll be a key offering as we continue to grow our subscriptions globally.”

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