Social Highlights: 2019 Year in Review

Sharing some of most engaging and memorable social moments from Amazon Pay in 2019.

It’s the end of an era, and like all businesses, we took some time to reflect on some of our favorite, memorable or most engagement moments happening through our social channels. Amazon Pay flexed our global muscles participating in events around the world from Vienna to Vegas. We collaborated with merchants to launch new voice experiences, helping Woot.com enable elivery notifications through Alexa, and working with Parkwhiz on a way to book parking spaces using your voice. As year neared it’s end, we also launched our first ever holiday gift guide! Take a look to see some of the stand out moments:


Booking a parking space in advance just got easier. You can ask Alexa anytime to reserve your space with @ParkWhiz: https://t.co/4RFHnGHMk6 #voicecommerce #smartassistant pic.twitter.com/HMdMESbPBj — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) January 21, 2019


What do the #SuperBowl and #AmazonBetaTesting have in common? Read our latest blog to find out: https://t.co/M1qSbzDRoN pic.twitter.com/wqiAlHnrMX — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) February 4, 2019


Excited to have been shortlisted for the campaign of the year award together with our colleagues at @theatre_direct! Thank you and see you at the #TBA19! pic.twitter.com/E4WV63SrRa — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) March 12, 2019
“Voice is the new HTML” says @thedavedev, Chief Evangelist for @amazonecho talking about seeing voice as an interface. #shoptalk2019 pic.twitter.com/FPTRdRePIy — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) March 6, 2019


Giulio Montemagno, our EU General Manager, at the #4Gamechangers event in Vienna today presenting innovations for the connected consumer. pic.twitter.com/ekjY41b7uK — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) April 11, 2019


.@Adobe teams up with Amazon to offer @Magento Commerce Branded Stores for Amazon sellers, powered by @AWScloud, with merchant tools like Amazon Pay and Fulfilment by Amazon https://t.co/IHUtDg7rkj pic.twitter.com/fgM3qjRhxY — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) May 15, 2019
“Announcing: https://t.co/7tQOmemCu8 customers, starting today, can receive real-time delivery notifications on any order placed using Amazon Pay on their Echo devices.” #NRFTech2019 — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) May 20, 2019


And that’s it - #Money2020EU is officially over! Thanks @money2020 for a magical show all around and for providing a space to learn, build existing and make new connections. See you next time! pic.twitter.com/0JNh09oomt — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) June 5, 2019
To all fans of @FIFAWWC: We teamed up with @Sony to make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s #FIFAWWC! Learn more: https://t.co/rg92nlIIWb pic.twitter.com/svAQclf6TM — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) June 25, 2019


.@PRGauthier, VP of Amazon Pay, talks about frictionless #payments, the importance of protecting the consumers’ #privacy and what he knows now, that he wishes he had known at the start of his #career.

Listen to @FinTechInsiders’ interview: https://t.co/4FePnsQqT1 pic.twitter.com/aMLKiC0P40 — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) July 25, 2019


60% of U.S. kids living in poverty don’t have a children’s book in their home. As part of @savethechildren‘s #100daysofReading, you change a child’s story simply by donating with your voice, using your Amazon account. Here is how: https://t.co/B7EQuEu7Y7 pic.twitter.com/JcD6ZDTGol — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) August 27, 2019
We are excited to announce that Amazon Pay is extending Delivery Notifications to Out for Delivery for merchants in the US. Now, businesses can let customers know when an order is on its way. Learn more: https://t.co/z3MKkiiqKP#thefutureisvoice #voicefirst #voicecommerce pic.twitter.com/4zmOALJdgD — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) August 28, 2019
Hey, my name is Rue, and I love to hang out at the Amazon Pay office in Seattle. Conference calls are never RUFF when I am around. Check out my other co-dogs: https://t.co/zIy64WgyW2#amazonpaydog #doglovers #lifeatamazon pic.twitter.com/BLVGsalyb5 — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) August 23, 2019


#CodeCommerce has kicked off! We are stoked to be here and have some surprises in store. Swing by our #ConnectedwithPay Café to participate in a #contest for a free #Alexa consultation and #AlexaHome starter kit. See you there! pic.twitter.com/NGvDR8H4cA — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) September 9, 2019


“We are announcing today, that any customer whose utility is a member of the Paymentus Instant Payment Network (up to 700 billers) can soon use Alexa to get bill notifications as well as proactively find out when their next bill is due by asking Alexa.” @PRGauthier #Money2020USA pic.twitter.com/tBi7Be7nhE — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) October 28, 2019


Want to get fit fast? 2 minutes of workout with this get lean jump rope set by @Crossrope will make you feel like you worked out 45 minutes at the gym:
➡️ https://t.co/fQKt7CFEVO #possiblewithpay #holidaygiftguide #healthnut #gethealthy pic.twitter.com/AiZvSdrDnB — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) November 1, 2019


The Phantom of the Opera is here, inside my....Alexa. Today, we are thrilled to announce that you can book your tickets for @PhantomBway in NYC just by asking @Alexa99. — Amazon Pay (@amazonpay) December 17, 2019