Snake River Farms: From the ranch to your table

The American Wagyu industry pioneers provide S.T.A.R.-quality cuts of premium meat that are rated even higher than USDA Prime.

Snake River Farms has been innovating American beef since their inception. When Robert Rebholtz Sr. founded Snake River Farms, he earned the moniker “The Visionary” for bringing Japanese Wagyu cows back to the U.S. with him after being inspired by their buttery marbling on a trip to Japan. His efforts over the next decades culminated in Snake River Farms’ signature American Wagyu, which combines the tenderness of Japanese Wagyu with the robust flavor of American cattle. Thus, a whole new industry and taste were born.

Snake River Farms has continued to innovate, evolving from its original focus on cross-breeding to transforming the supply chain to guarantee the freshest ranch-to-table meat. They ensure everything is up to S.T.A.R. quality — a standard of sustainability and responsibility that confirms all aspects of production are responsible. The spirit of The Visionary lives on at Snake River Farms, and you can get all those decades of innovation delivered to your table with the ease of Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay: What inspired Robert Rebholtz Sr. to become an innovator in the industry*, and why did he choose Japanese Wagyu cattle specifically?

Snake River Farms: After traveling to Japan and seeing the quality of meat from Japanese Wagyu, Rebholtz knew this was an opportunity to bring something new to the U.S. Rebholtz was always working to provide the highest quality beef in the market — to do this, it took thinking outside the box, taking a risk, and pushing the envelope in an industry that shied from change.


Amazon Pay: How does the ranch-to-table movement benefit consumers? What motivated Robert Rebholtz Jr. to develop the S.T.A.R. commitment?

Snake River Farms: The benefit of ranch-to-table for consumers is consistent quality. By being fully integrated and controlling every step of the supply chain from ranch to table, we strive to get every small thing right, too. When it comes to quality, we believe that makes all the difference. The S.T.A.R. commitment further cements Snake River Farms’ dedication to the four tenets of Sustainability, Total quality, Animal well-being, and Responsibility as we continue to deliver true ranch-to-table beef to consumers.


Amazon Pay: In 2003, a New York steakhouse began selling a Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef burger for $41, which generated a huge amount of media interest. How did that impact your growth strategy? How did you leverage the endorsements from celebrities, chefs, NBC’s Today, and The Tonight Show, among others?

Snake River Farms: The offering of the $41 hamburger and the media coverage that followed introduced Snake River Farms to entirely new customers across the country and around the world. This didn’t necessarily change our strategy, but it gave us the opportunity to work with some of the best restaurants, distributors, and customers in the world. It has always been our mission to supply them with the best beef possible. We want our customers to want to do business with us.


Amazon Pay: What’s Snake River Farms’ most popular meat product? Do you have a signature meat cut, or a must-try for first-timers?

Snake River Farms: “Traditional” cuts like filet mignon, ribeye, and New York strips are elevated in American Wagyu. You can’t go wrong with the traditional items, which are buttery and fork-tender. Butcher cuts like bavette, skirt steak, and cap of ribeye are hard to source and enjoy regularly — making the eating experience that much more exceptional.

With their American Wagyu beef, Snake River Farms delivers a taste you’ll never go back from. Graded above USDA Prime Beef, the complexity of American Wagyu surpasses restaurant-grade beef by miles. You’ll never settle for anything other than the decade-earned freshness and flavor of Snake River Farms’ S.T.A.R. quality — and why would you?

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