Shopper Perks: The safety and security of Amazon Pay

Keep your personal information safe with a payment service you can trust.

In the COVID-19 era, you’re probably thinking twice about doing things during your shopping trips that used to be normal, like touching a lot of POS terminals and lingering in crowded aisles for long stretches of time. Now, maintaining your safety and security while shopping has never been more important — and that goes for shopping online, too.

With so many new online stores to discover — the foreign sites, the confusing store policies —it can be challenging to figure out who you can really trust with your credit card information. As you try to navigate all the uncertainties of shopping online, Amazon Pay can provide you with the safety and security of the Amazon experience that you’ve come to trust in a few ways:

One secure account, many places to shop

With Amazon Pay, you can conveniently use the payment and contact information you’ve safely stored in your existing account to make purchases on tens of thousands of websites. And the easiest part is that you only have to sign in once, on one website.

Protection from fraud

Based on feedback from other shoppers, we know that one reason Amazon Pay stands out is because it’s a familiar way to checkout that protects you from fraud and alerts you if there’s a security issue with your account.

Your information stays safe

With Amazon Pay, you always know that your personal information is secure because we don’t share your payment information with merchants.

Satisfaction guarantee

What’s more, Amazon Pay’s A-to-z Guarantee ensures that you have a safety net to fall back on if you run into any order issues with merchants on qualified purchases. And as we know, nothing is more frustrating than an undelivered order.

Amazon Pay makes it so that once you’ve made your purchase you can relax, knowing that whatever happens next, we’ve got you covered.

What other shoppers are saying

“When you’re shopping online, you need to feel secure when you’re paying. Amazon Pay is a payment method you can use during the checkout process as you shop on tens of thousands of sites.”

“Shop worry-free on more sites with the trusted and secure Amazon checkout experience.”

“Apply the same checkout experience you know from Amazon to tens of thousands of other sites other than Amazon.”

“There’s no need to create a new account or take extra steps with Amazon Pay — just use the credit card and address information already saved in your Amazon wallet.”

“With Amazon Pay, use your Amazon account to securely pay for the items you need. When you use your preferred payment methods stored in your Amazon account and get the Amazon Pay A-to-z.”

If you already have an Amazon account, then you already have Amazon Pay. Discover some of the merchants who offer Amazon Pay.