Shopper Perks: Amazon address book

Make shopping and gifting a little easier by keeping your addresses all in one place.

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you finally figure out the perfect gift to send to someone and then you realize that you don’t have their address. Do you spoil the surprise by sending them a text? Or, do you try to reach out to someone else who might know?

One of the perks of using the Amazon address book is that you can keep all of your contacts in one easy place, securely stored in your account, thus avoiding the hassle of scrolling through your phone to see whether you have an up-to-date address. What’s more, the address book can help you speed through checkout on your favorite websites that accept Amazon Pay.

With Amazon Pay, you can use your existing Amazon account — with all the payment and contact information you’ve stored in it — to make purchases on thousands of websites. In other words, you get to enjoy the Amazon experience you know and trust on other stores’ websites, making shopping that much easier. All you have to do is sign-in with your Amazon credentials, and then your payment information and full address book will be available at checkout.

How it works

Take a look at Amazon Pay’s checkout for a glimpse of how the address book works. After you choose Amazon Pay and sign in at checkout, your address book automatically fills in the shipping form with your preferred address. It’s just one click to confirm your purchase, or a few clicks if you want to send it somewhere else. That means your shopping can be quick, secure, and, as long as you have the right address for grandma on file, accurate. You can relax knowing that your package will get there safely.

01 Click the Amazon Pay button.


Amazon customers select Amazon Pay as their method of payment on your product or checkout page.

02 Confirm Information


Once selected, address and payment information is securely populated from your Amazon account. Just tap “Continue”.

03 Complete their purchase.


Shoppers confirm the credit card and address details already stored in their Amazon account and finish checking out.

What other shoppers are saying

I like using Amazon Pay, especially for new vendors I’m not totally sure of. It makes the checkout process easy, since my payment details and address are already entered.
It was very handy to use Amazon payments, as I was doing a transaction on a mobile device in public and didn’t want to have to haul out my wallet and enter in all my credit card, name, billing address, etc. info in that environment.
I did not have to enter my address and credit card info. Just my Amazon username and password. It was very efficient.

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