Profiles in Pay: Pauline Maillet

Learn about life as an Amazonian through the eyes of one our marketing manager in our European headquarters.

Ever wondered what it is like to work at Amazon? Curious about the type of people that thrive in one of the world’s most customer-centric companies?

In this month’s profile, we learn more about one marketing managers six year tenure at Amazon, rising through different parts of the organization to her role managing three separate, developing regions for Amazon Pay in this short Q&A.

How would you describe yourself in 2-4 sentences?

I’m French but I do speak several languages, even Luxemburgish! I have travelled around Europe while I was studying and I work now in the marketing team in Luxembourg, a multi-cultural country. I live there with my partner and my dog. I like travelling back to the countries I have lived in to meet my friends and discover how much it has changed. I play theater and swim, bike and run and enjoy time outside a lot.

Tell us about your history at Amazon.

I joined Amazon back in 2012 as a sales representative in Luxembourg, then joined the Amazon Pay integrations team as a launch specialist. When I joined Amazon Pay there were only five of us, now there are over 30 people on the team. Over the past 6.5 years I’ve continued to learn and grow within the team as I’ve changed roles and learned different parts of the business.

In my current role as a field marketing manager, I drive brand awareness and acquisition efforts for three developing regions, France, Italy and Spain. My focus is on helping online businesses understand the value of Amazon Pay through a number of owned and unowned marketing channels.

What does a typical day look like for you?

From the time I wake up, I like to start by embracing my Labrador puppy, then going for a morning run before heading into the office. About 80% of my typical work day is in front of a computer and the rest in meetings. I’m often in contact with teams across the business (sales, marketing, technical operations, legal and PR), along with channels team and potentially a few of our customers if I’m in the midst of activating event.

What do you enjoy about working at Amazon?

I really enjoy the Amazon culture and people. The motivation to try to new things or projects is always high. People are not afraid to fall or fail, which ultimately make the team stronger. I think this is part of the culture is part of the reason Amazon remains such and innovative company.

How does Amazon support your career goals?

I studied international business and marketing at University. After joining the working world, I was always interested in pursuing marketing at some point in my career. Thanks to Amazon Pay, I’ve been able to take advantage of that opportunity. I recognize that moving into a new role or looking for new opportunities at Amazon require quite a bit of initiative on my part as well as a supportive manager.

What are some of your passions outside of work?

I’m a sports addict! I have joined a triathlon club 2 years ago and have loved every second of it. When I’m not running, I’m also involved as actor in the theater. Playing different characters on stage has been a great way to release stress and have fun. When I think about how I spend my time outside of work, first and foremost, my family and friends complete me.

If you had a personal motto, what would it be?

I try focus on what I can control instead of caring what others think. My personal motto or mantra is ‘be yourself, do what you like, do what you dream’. Sometimes others may intentionally try to block you or slow you down. It’s important to focus on what you can control and what you want to become -- that’s when I thrive.

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