Profiles in Pay: Nadja Bogdanov

Learn what life’s like as an Amazonian through the eyes of Key Account & Business Development Manager Nadja Bogdanov in our German office.

Want to know what it’s like to work at Amazon? In our Profiles in Pay series, we find out what working at Amazon is all about — straight from the people who make it so great. This month, Key Account & Business Development Manager Nadja Bogdanov tells us about her favorite moments since joining the Pay team, the creative pastimes that fuel her — including travelling in her VW T5 camper van — and why she values being customer-obsessed above everything else.

Can you tell us more about your career path leading up to Amazon?

Before joining Amazon, I first studied graphic design and painting, before changing to International Business Communications. I then worked in galleries and art agencies in Vienna, before starting as Sales Account Manager for the England-based fashion brand Bench, where I was later promoted to Senior Sales Manager for Southern Germany. Once I felt it was time for something new, I joined Amazon.

What has your experience been like working at Amazon?

I started directly at Amazon Pay in my current position as Key Account and Business Development Manager. I was given an amazing welcome and after only a few weeks it felt as if I’d been part of the team forever. My daily job is mostly conversing with potential merchants and aligning with other teams, such as the integration team, to help our merchants integrate Amazon Pay. I really enjoy working with other teams within Pay and beyond, and I love the projects I work on, like launching charities, and working on projects to eliminate customer pain points.

What do you enjoy about the Amazon culture?

I really enjoy the team spirit that we have on the Pay team. We always support one another and there are always people you can rely on. I love how Amazon consists of people from so many different backgrounds, and through that I learn a lot, which I truly value. The “everything is possible” mentality is something that really motivates me.

What is your favorite leadership principle and why?

Customer Obsession. I think working backwards from your customers to understand their wishes and needs is vital to being able to offer the right services and products, and it helps us to be innovative. Furthermore, we value our customers a lot, and they should feel that. This is what every good business relationship should have.

What have been some of your proudest or fondest moments at Amazon?

My proudest moment at Amazon was when I took on our charity efforts in Germany, helping to open a new category and launch some of the largest charities. And my fondest moments were when the sales team would play foosball almost daily for a few minutes on our lunch breaks before we moved offices. There was always so much laughter, and the team bonded over it, which made us more successful as the team spirit rose to an incomparable high.

What’s something you’re excited about outside of work?

One of my biggest passions is pottery, mostly wheel throwing, which I started almost four years ago while on a long stay in San Diego. Since then I have started a tiny pottery studio at home. Also, I worked as a photographer before joining Amazon and I still occasionally do shootings. Since I only shoot analog, weddings always present the biggest challenge, because you can’t replicate those moments.

Besides that, I love music. Almost everything I do in my free time is accompanied by it, and I can’t wait until we’re able to attend concerts again. I love learning languages, travelling, and doing everything outdoors, like snowboarding, hiking, or just simply jumping into a lake after work — and working out in general is an important part of my life. Since the pandemic started, I’voe been doing all of my travels in my converted VW T5 camper van, which still gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors.

What is the best piece of professional advice you were ever given?

It was professional advice that applies to everything in life: Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do everything. Know your worth and make sure you learn from everything. If you can learn from your failures, then that is your silver lining.

What guidance do you have for someone pursuing a career at Amazon?

Know what you want, and put all your efforts into reaching your goal. Don’t give up because of hiccoughs, they are part of everything. Think big and simply do it!