Prep your devices for the new year

Belkin’s cutting-edge line of electronic accessories will have you geared up and ready to go for adventures near and far this year.

For many, the weeks that follow the holidays are either peak travel season or peak nesting season. Whether you’re jetting off for global adventure or settling in for a cozy winter streaming binge, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your electronic accessories for the new year. Being prepared with the latest and greatest equipment can make all the difference when you really need it, particularly when it comes to staying connected while you’re away from home.

Founded in a garage in Southern California in the early 1980s, Belkin has been perfecting its technology products for over 40 years. Today the company offers a complete range of power chargers and accessories, protective gear, audio and smart home solutions, and connectivity options for just about every electronic device you own. If you can plug it in, Belkin has the cable, adapter, dock, hub, and power strip that goes with it.

“Our mission is to design products that empower people to get more life out of every single day,” writes the company. “People-centric design and an obsession with details are at the core of what we do at Belkin. We remain inspired and driven by the connection between people and technology.”

A moveable audio feast


When you’re traveling the world, it helps to have world-class audio you can take with you anywhere. Great for speeding down the slopes, tanning on the beach, and long walks exploring unfamiliar places, Belkin’s SoundForm Freedom True Wireless Earbuds give you unparalleled audio performance and battery life.

Immerse yourself in high fidelity with two-layer drivers engineered to deliver rich bass and pristine mids and highs. And when you’re reaching out from abroad, advanced environmental noise cancellation reduces call background noise, while dual microphones and clear-call technology ensure the sharpest call quality. You’ll also get up to 8 hours of continuous battery life for all-day listening, with an additional 28 hours of battery life in the case when you need it.

Ever wish you could wirelessly stream your tunes to that awesome old-school stereo, wherever you happen to be? The SoundForm Connect Audio Adapter with AirPlay 2 makes connecting to any existing analog audio equipment a snap. Turn your classic non-wireless hi-fi receiver and booming retro speakers into a modern AirPlay 2-enabled dance party you can control with your phone. Anything with an optical out or 3.5mm audio output can be instantly paired with your digital signal — giving you CD-quality sound that makes a difference.

Charged up and ready to go


There’s a reason Belkin was a recent CES Innovation Awards Honoree. Products like the BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 5K + Stand or BoostCharge Pro empower you to go anywhere and do anything, without ever having to worry that you’ll run out of battery. Leveraging MagSafe technology for a seamless connection, the portable device delivers 7.5W of charging power wirelessly, with 5,000 mAH of charging potential for up to 19 hours of video playback — without the need for cables or a power source. The included fold-out stand allows you to stream or make video calls while you charge. It makes for the perfect lightweight, compact travel charger, giving you an extra wireless, portable battery when you’re away from the hotel all day.

If you’re planning a road trip, the Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe is an ideal travel buddy. Just attach it to your car vent with the sturdy clip, and the MagSafe technology allows you to seamlessly mount your phone right where you need it. The smart design also means you can keep your phone firmly docked while you switch it from landscape to portrait orientation.

And when you’re away from home, keep an eye on your front door with the Wemo Smart Video Doorbell. With the largest field of view on the market, you’ll have peace of mind as you monitor your home in HD video, with the ability to zoom in clearly on anything you need to see in more detail. Working with Apple HomeKit Secure Video, your motion-based recording history is stored in iCloud so you can easily access it. Low-light sensitivity and infrared technology also allow long-distance motion sensing at night. And you can use face recognition and smart notifications to view who’s at your door from your iOS device, wherever you are in the world.

Committed to the planet’s future


“We are a design-, human-, community-centric organization that truly cares above and beyond the products that we make,” says Belkin CEO Steve Malony of the company’s commitment to sustainability. “We care about our planet, our communities, access to education and healthcare because ultimately, the products we make affect the people and planet that we care about. We are always looking for ways to grow, to do better, to iterate on a design or a technological evolution, staying in front of the trends.”

Belkin products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. When you buy Belkin, you can do it knowing the company has taken significant steps to become a leader in corporate responsibility and sustainability. With a solar PV rooftop array, Belkin’s new LEED-certified headquarters in El Segundo, California, was designed with a focus on reducing the brand’s environmental impact. They’ve achieved 20% single-use plastic reduction since 2019, removing plastic in packaging and replacing it with recyclable materials, and from 2009 to 2021, they reduced greenhouse gasses in their operations by 64%. It’s one of the many reasons they recently won a 2022 Sustainability Award from Business Intelligence Group in recognition of their environmentally ethical business practices.

Wherever the season takes you, don’t leave your tech devices behind. Gear up with some responsibly made electronics upgrades from Belkin, then check out fast using Amazon Pay. Like a digital wallet, Amazon Pay lets you make purchases on thousands of websites using the payment information that’s already stored in your Amazon account, so you can skip the forms at checkout and head into the new year stress-free.