Possible with Pay: Stylish brands dedicated to building a better world

These brands don’t just look good – they do good – giving back to their communities and worthy organizations.

There’s a new generation of businesses that are concerned with more than just their bottom line. These brands are dedicated to making their world a better place, by giving back to their communities as well as helping organizations that do good. Whether they’re fighting cancer or encouraging children’s literacy, all of these businesses have a mission to both do good and look good.

Amazon Pay wants to help connect with these agents of change, offering you the ability to look great and feel great all at the same time. Check out these great products from Amazon Pay brands with a purpose, and don’t forget to use Amazon Pay to make your purchase for a fast, familiar, and secure checkout.

Lemon Squeezy | TELETIES

Add a little something special to your ensemble with TELETIES, the innovative hair tie that doesn’t ruin your look when it’s on your wrist. The Lemon Squeezy set is perfect for summer, and the multitasking band will make sure to keep your hair in place throughout anything. TELETIES also donates a portion from each purchase to people affected by breast, ovarian, and related cancers.

Everyday Lounge Joggers | Kindred Bravely

Looking for a more elevated pair of lounge pants? The Everyday Lounge Joggers from Kindred Bravely are perfect for any and every occasion. Designed for moms on the go, the soft fabric and adjustable waistband assure a comfortable fit, and the pockets make them both stylish and functional. Their commitment goes beyond creating pieces to support mothers, Kindred Bravely also donates to nonprofits assisting mothers in the community.

The Raven Book Tote | Storiarts

Literature lovers can now carry this iconic Edgar Allan Poe poem with them on The Raven Book Tote bag. The bold Storiarts print makes for the perfect statement bag made from 100% cotton — making it sustainable and durable. Each purchase also contributes to helping children learn to read and write.

Custom Stuffed Animals | Budsies

The innovative company Budsies turns your kids’ drawings into physical stuffed animals. Budsies Custom Stuffed Animals are the perfect gift for you, and for kids in need everywhere. Each purchase of the handmade, customizable companion contributes to various charities helping children in foster care, in hospitals, and more.

The Warm Up: Western Conference, Red Bag | BLK & Bold Specialty Beverages

Start your mornings right with this new coffee blend from BLK & Bold Specialty Beverages. The Warm Up: Western Conference, Red Bag is a collaboration with the NBA, using only the best coffee sourced from Ethiopia and Central America. Passionate about giving back to the community, BLK & Bold Specialty Beverages donates a portion of their profits to youth causes for at-risk youth.

Socks That Protect Oceans | Conscious Step

Conscious Step makes sock sets that each benefit a specific cause by partnering with different non-profit organizations. This pair of Socks That Protect Oceans lives up to its name to help clean up oceans and protect marine life, while being the perfect everyday sock. They’re made from natural, organic materials and certified fair trade, so you can switch out your old pairs of socks and help the environment while doing it.

Yellow Palm Afridrille | Ubuntu Life

Step out in these bold summer espadrilles by Ubuntu Life. The Yellow Palm Afridrille is handmade out of natural cotton using sustainable practices and materials. Adorned in a unique print inspired by the region, they are the perfect shoe for the city, the beach, or wherever the summer takes you. The Kenyan-made shoes are crafted in partnership with a foundation that provides access to healthcare in the community.

The One | Front Of The Pack

Give your dog all the nutrients they need with The One supplement from Front Of The Pack. The multitasking blend has natural, clinically tested ingredients that aid your dog’s overall health in one daily pill. In their journey for holistic, natural pet care, Front Of The Pack is also invested in saving shelter dogs with every purchase. They also do their part to be more sustainable with their plastic-free packaging.

Whether it’s a cause that’s close to your heart, or a coffee that you can’t do without, all of these great businesses are sure to make you happy. Best of all, Amazon Pay makes it easy to discover and support these businesses, with no hassle at either end!