Possible with Pay: Staying healthy at home (Part II)

These Amazon Pay merchants can help your mental and physical well-being while you stay healthy at home.

We’re aware that a large portion of the world’s population is now spending a majority of time inside their homes. This excludes, of course, the essential workers who are putting their lives on the line for our benefit every day.

We recognize the importance of maintaining our mental and physical health, so we’ve compiled some items from Amazon Pay merchants to help improve your at-home routine.

There are so many products from Amazon Pay merchants we could recommend here. We’re thinking of the ultra-soft bedding of Snowe and Brooklinen, the furniture and decor accessories of Lulu & Georgia and Lovesac, the home improvement necessities of, and Crayola’s time-tested, child-friendly art supplies. But of course, we can’t fit everyone in.



Exercise Dress from Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices has been a respected leader in the world of athleisure since their founding in 2012. Their catalog consists of comfy items that are perfect for both lounging on the couch and working out at home, like this attractive exercise dress with built-in shorts, made of the company’s signature breathable LightSpeed fabric.


Gold Standard Whey Protein from

If you’re looking for an effective nutritional supplement for workouts, try’s most popular item: Gold Standard Whey Protein, full of amino acids that promote muscle growth and recovery. The site is offering a “Buy one, get one 50% off” deal, so it’s a great time to buy enough to last through quarantine.


TRX Home2 System from TRX Training

Tired of simple weight and mat YouTube workouts? It’s probably time to get a real piece of home-gym equipment. TRX’s Home2 System is ideal for short or more intense routines, and for beginners and seasoned gym rats alike. Its durable suspension trainer is easy to build a comprehensive workout around.


Barre Long Sleeve from Alo Yoga

Whether you’re a barre devotee, a dancer, or just need some comfy attire for home exercise, make sure to check out this Barre Long Sleeve with wrap design from Alo Yoga. Coming in five colors and four sizes, it offers a perfect fit for any body size, and the support and comfort you need for your strength-training regimen of choice.


Hiking Backpacks from The House Outdoor Gear

In this era of social isolation, journeying into nature can be healthy and restorative—a great way to get outside in a responsible way. Purchasing a sturdy and spacious hiking backpack is a great place to start when preparing your outdoors gear. The House has an impressive spread, from trusted brands like The North Face and Dakine.


Tecnifibre TF40 315 Tennis Racquet from Tennis Express

If you have easy access to a court, or just want to volley around in the backyard, consider adding a tennis racquet to your collection of sports goods. Both beginners and long-time players can’t go wrong with this Technifiber model, with its shock-resistant braiding and a frame designed with precision and comfort in mind.



Hemmed Sheet Set from Boll & Branch

Increased time at home means increased bed time—no way around it. Why not improve the quality and comfort levels of your sleeping situation? Boll and Branch’s best-selling hemmed sheet set is beloved for its cloud-weight cotton fabric. Available in 10 different colors, they come in eight sizes to fit any mattress comfortably.


Dyson Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum from Dyson

“Staying home” is a good way to accumulate more dirt on your floors than you’ve ever seen before. If you don’t have a reliable vacuum to quickly take care of the filth, correct that now before things really get bad. This cordless model from Dyson has excellent suction and battery life, but it’s also slim and easy to stash away.


Bench Bog Cast Iron Router Table from Rockler Woodworking

Looking to put in time on some home improvement projects while social-distancing? Find a better control center for your woodworking with this sturdy and compact router table from Rockler, which eliminates the need for an awkward table extension wing on your saw and takes up less room in your living space.


Harvest Base from AeroGrow

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put your plants exactly where you want them? The Aerogarden Harvest provides a solution, allowing herbs, flowers, and more to grow without access to sunlight. A full-spectrum light system provides your favorite soothing plant with nutrients to flourish, no matter where they are in your house.



“Where are You?” Customized Children’s Book from Wonderbly

Did you love Where’s Waldo growing up? Pass that love on to your child with this personalized search-and-find book from Wonderbly. The newest version will take your child, who is inserted as the protagonist, back through time to stop villains from taking over the world. Bedtime reads don’t get much more exciting than this.


Turner Concentrated Professional Artists’ Watercolor Sets from Jerry’s Artarama

There are few relaxation activities as effective and time-tested as watercoloring. Available in 12, 18, or 24 balanced color selections, these sets from Turner, sold by Jerry’s Artarama, are ideal for creating a huge range of different hues. It’s a pleasant new hobby in a box—ready-made for your creative energy.

Well being


AromaFuse Diffuser from Plant Therapy

Keep the air in your home clean and fragrant with this essential oil diffuser from Plant Therapy. Easily controllable with a timer, you can enjoy AromaFuse’s mist for up to 10 hours, and within a huge radius of 500+ square feet.


Color Advisor from Madison Reed

With a journey to the salon no longer an option, people around the world are embracing home hair care. Madison Reed is an excellent resource for anyone who is in need of coloring. Their customer questionnaire helps them to locate your perfect product for anything from highlights to root concealment to a full home makeover.


Active Botanical Serum from Violet Grey

If skincare and wellness are an essential part of your daily routine, treat yourself by trying a soothing new product. Vinter’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum is full of antioxidants and firming phytoceramides that reduce wrinkles. It also keeps your skin bright by reducing melanin and promoting cell turnover.