Possible with Pay: Something for everyone

Amazing products and deals for the decade ahead from amazing Amazon Pay merchants.

Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, your kids, your home, or just yourself, these new Amazon Pay merchants are certain to offer you some unique, fun, and stylish products. And they’ll also ensure that your shopping experience is as simple and seamless as possible. Shop in style with these amazing Amazon Pay merchants.

Kids and little ones


Uncle Goose Wooden Blocks from Rose and Rex

Rose and Rex sells a lovingly curated assortment of high-quality toys, and all of their products are selected by educators and child development professionals. Their collection of heirloom wooden blocks from Uncle Goose, for example, teaches kids about everything from vocabulary to moon phases to famous women in history.


Smocked Short Sleeve Bodysuit in Honey from L’ovedbaby

Looking for an alternative to baby onesies with silly slogans and gaudy colors? L’ovedbaby has an inventive and tasteful selection of infant apparel available, but you’ll love their Vintage collection most of all. Check out this sumptuously ruffled and efficiently designed (note the snapback bottom) honey bodysuit for an example of what they are capable of.

Looking and feeling good


Overdrive Tee from

A high-quality and reliable athletic shirt is an underrated necessity for any serious runner or gym-rat. This stylish graphic tee from athletic gear shop Seven features a super-soft cotton blend that is designed to last, providing comfort during a hard workout.


Coconut Milk & Honey Face Cleanser from Foxbrim Naturals

Foxbrim Naturals creates skincare and beauty products from all-natural ingredients. There’s a refreshing purity to their process. This all-purpose face cleanser—made from organic aloe, coconut milk, and honey gel—is emblematic of their commitment to designing streamlined and effective (watch those wrinkles disappear) products.

Snacks and drinks


Plantain Toasted Corn Crisps from Craize

Perhaps it goes without saying, but packaged snacks that work well on-the-go and pair well with most things in your fridge or pantry are useful to have on hand. Craize makes a delicious plantain toasted corn chip that tastes great with anything from cheese to Nutella to fresh fruit. At this price, too, they’re a steal.


Dark Chocolate Covered Dry Roasted Chickpeas from Miskets

Trust us, they’re a true delicacy, but you have to try them to know what we’re talking about. Miskets has combined dark chocolate and Mediterrean-style dry roasted chickpeas into the tastiest snack you didn’t know you needed. What’s more, these treats are gluten-free, vegan, and 86% less fatty than roasted peanut snacks. You really have no excuse for not trying them.


“Fully Commit” Edible Cookie Dough Box from Doughp

Stop feeling guilty about eating straight cookie dough. Doughp are here to help, selling different varieties of high-quality cookie dough that is ready to eat raw. You can also bake it, but only if you really want to. It’s great as it is.


Coffee Pods from Smile Coffee Werks

Smile Coffee Werks offers a host of cost-effective and ecofriendly options for pod coffeemaking. Their capsules are compatible with both Keurig and Nespresso machines, and come with guaranteed free shipping. For the office, you can also order a Nespresso machine, plus compostable coffee cups in bulk.


The Yellow Brick Box from Yellow Brick Coffee

If you’re a connoisseur of the almighty bean, sampler sets of some different roasts may be just your kind of thing—a handy way to figure out your favorite among a brand’s offerings. Tucson-based specialty coffee company Yellow Brick’s 4-piece variety pack—featuring roasts from Burundi, Guatemala, and more—also makes for a perfect gift to a java-loving friend.


Smashgummy Variety Pack from Smashmallow

Few candy snacks are as hard to resist as a good gummy, and when you get the right ones, few are as low in sugar. These gluten-free, all-natural assorted gummies from Smashmallow use organic cane sugar—just 3 grams worth—and are even more full of fruity flavor than your average store-bought, corn-syrup-heavy brands.



Ari & M Tie-Dye Denim Bandana from Pet Project L.A.

Even if you don’t believe in forcing your dog into outfits all the time, you shouldn’t miss out on giving him or her a little bit of fashionable flair, like, say, this blue denim bandanna from Pet Project L.A. It’s perfect for a jaunty around-the-neck look, and pairs well with a hat for a slightly Western look.


Bamboo K-Cup Holder from

Are you a pod coffee person? Do you often find plastic containers strewn all over your kitchen counter? Are they are still sitting in the unattractive boxes you bought them in? Cutting Boards’ bamboo K-cap holder offers a more attractive presentation: it features 24 slots that allow you to easily pick out your roast of choice.


Cooling Gel Memory Foam iCoil Hybrid Queen Mattress from Zinus

Go big and bold with your online shopping this year and make the mattress upgrade you’ve been putting off for years. Zinus’ Cooling Gel Memory Foam iCoil Hybrid Queen Mattress is an exemplary option for a state-of-the-art mattress that guarantees ultimate comfort and temperature control overnight, thanks to its built-in cooling foam and fabric.


Architectural Designs Inc.

Shooting for the stars with your 2020 purchases? Why not go all the way and dream up a new, ideal living situation? Whether you’re looking for a smaller residence or a place to raise a family, AD’s staff will help you find a great design, work out a budget you can afford, connect you with builders, get estimates, and overall, figure out how to make your dreams come true.