Possible with Pay: Last-minute wins for your holiday shopping list

Check out these one-of-a-kind items that are guaranteed to please a variety of loved ones — and arrive quickly.

The Possible with Pay gift guide compiles nearly 200 recommendations for this holiday season, all available from merchants that use Amazon Pay. The items range from the practical to the decadent to the silly, and they’re all at the ready for quick and secure purchase via Amazon Pay.

In this installation, we’ve put together a small smorgasbord of unique items that are perfect for all those last-minute shoppers out there, from evergreen products with a wide appeal — digital photo albums, smart day planners, and more — to more specialty accessories like temperature-controlled mugs and brooder kits for chicks. All of these are available for quick delivery and could be the extra last-minute addition to your holiday shopping list you didn’t know you needed.

Knit Runner from No Bull

No Bull’s Knit Runner running shoe gives you maximum visibility for runs anywhere at any time of day. It features a seamless, breathable and stretch knit sock construction, with an outsole designed for multi-environment usage. This is a durable, multi-purpose shoe that is a no-brainer gift for the workout nut or marathon trainer in your household.

Brooder Starter Kit from Mann Lake

Mann Lake is best known for providing exemplary beekeeping products, but their offerings for hatching and brooding poultry are just as impressive. Their Brooder Starter Kit has everything customers need to be successful in brooding baby chicks, including a single lamp brooder with a guard, an infrared heat bulb, a thermometer, a bulk feeder, and more.

‘We are all different. We are all important.’ Shirt from Bonfire

Created by artist Andrea Budu-Inspire, this playful tee is inspired by the distance imposed on world cultures by the COVID-19 pandemic, making for an uplifting and apropos gift this holiday season. It depicts people all over the world as the artist imagines them. All proceeds for the shirt benefit Milk River Arts, a nonprofit organization and neurodiverse community of artists in Richmond, Virginia.

Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 from Ember

Designed for the home or the (home) office, Ember’s new Smart Mug does more than just keep coffee hot. The world’s first full temperature control mug, it allows the drinker to set an exact temperature, so their coffee is always exactly to their taste. For that special person who needs a cup of joe in their hands at all times, why not surprise them with the most high-tech mug on the market this holiday season?

Hopsulator Slim from BrüMate

BrüMate is a young company whose entire purpose is to keep your cold drinks exactly as chilled as you want them to be. One of their signature products — the Hopsulator Slim — is the world’s first triple-insulated, stainless steel can-cooler. Designed for 12oz slim cans, the Hopsulator’s technology ensures every drop of your loved one’s beer, Red Bull, or other cold drink of choice is icy cool.

Recycled Rainbow Glass Bracelet from 8billiontrees

For your friend or family member who is passionate about the environment, this bracelet from the non-profit 8billiontrees is an excellent stocking stuffer. These glass bracelets are made from recycled materials, and the proceeds go to saving 100 existing trees — and planting 10 more. With this gift, you can help prevent deforestation and loss of habitat for unique species while fighting climate change.

Coiled LifePlanner from Erin Condren Design

Lifestyle organizers extraordinaire Erin Condren Design have a coiled planner that is guaranteed to make next year a little more bearable for the most stressed-out member of your fam or friend group. With a tabbed monthly calendar and inspirational quotes peppered throughout, it’ll keep their appointments fulfilled and their head on straight. This easy anxiety reducer fits easily in a handbag, tote, or big pocket.

Alexa Donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

When it comes to reducing the cancer rate in children, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the center of meaningful research that is changing the statistics every year. The overall childhood cancer survival rate has increased from 20% to 80% since the hospital opened its doors more than 50 years ago. For a holiday gift, why not make a quick and easy donation to this vital organization using Alexa.