Possible with Pay: Inspired household supplies for a deep spring clean

Make your spring cleaning fun with these powerful tools, innovative supplies, and beautiful home wares.

Some of us look forward to the time-honored tradition of spring cleaning. The great majority of us, on the other hand, do everything in our power to avoid it. You may dread the prospect of a deep clean, but don’t let that scare you off — the right tools can go a long way to making the experience downright effortless, perhaps even enjoyable. Here’s the perfect place to start, with a selection of household supplies and home wares that will leave your home sparkling clean. Best of all, you can buy all of them using the information already stored in your Amazon account with Amazon Pay.


The “Weekend Warrior” Bundle from The Last Coat

This bundle contains everything you need to get your ride shiny and new, including a thick-foaming soap, a ceramic topper to amplify paint gloss, and an all-surface coating for a factory finish. For those car enthusiasts who need a little extra support sloughing off unwanted grime, you can also opt for a Bare Slate Clay Mitt.


Semira Wallpaper from Lulu and Georgia

This contemporary wallpaper from the home decor gurus at Lulu and Georgia will do more than add a splash of color to your walls — it will also add a nice hint of texture. Made from tightly woven sisal grass, the natural fibers have been dyed slate blue, lending a deep, calming ambience to any room or accent wall.



Keeping your kitchen organized when everything’s stored away is one thing, but trying to keep a kitchen clean while you’re cooking is another matter. The Prepdeck helps you store and arrange all your ingredients according to the classic chef-approved technique of mise en place, so that you can enjoy cooking without worrying about the mess.


Baltic Body & Linen Mist from Roote

Enhance your linens with this botanical-based scent that will transport you back to the sea it’s named after. With its notes of plum, floral, vanilla, and amber, you might come to like it so much, you’ll even want to use it on yourself.

20V Power Share GT Revolution String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower & Turbine Blower Kit from Worx

Fallen leaves won’t stand a chance against these powerful and innovative yard tools. Between the highly versatile GT Revolution string trimmer, edger, and mini-mower — which comes with seven different handles and six different heads — and the cordless Turbine blower with high-capacity air volume, your yard will be ready for outdoor gatherings in no time.


5 Bike Wall Storage Rack + Shelf from StoreYourBoard

Whether you ride a road, mountain, beach, or hybrid bike, this heavy-duty steel bike rack is the perfect storage solution for your set of wheels. The rack can support up to five bikes, gently holding them up by a rubber-coated hook, and comes with a sturdy shelf where you can keep your ever-growing collection of helmets and gear.


Mbare Medium Two-Tone Basket from Made Trade

This two-toned basket comes from the ethical brand Mbare, which works with artisans across Africa to create baskets and glassware from recycled materials. Handwoven with millet grass and navy-and-white plastic thread by Wolof women in rural Senegal, this basket has the strength, style, and durability to help you solve all your storage needs.


One Plus Steam Cleaner from Dupray

This heavy-duty steam cleaner will clean, sanitize, and deodorize any surface you put in its way. Made in Europe, this compact cleaner comes with 17 accessories to help you get to those hard-to-reach places. You can even refill it on the job, for a deep-clean that’s not only thorough but convenient, too.


MonsterRax overhead storage rack from Garage Organization

Remember when you could actually fit your car in the garage? Recreate those glory days with this generously sized overhead storage rack – perfect for getting toys, tools, or anonymous brown boxes off the floor and out of the way. Fabricated from industrial-strength steel, this MonsterRax kit is perfect for creating order out of your garage chaos.