Possible with Pay: great holiday deals under $100

Here are some steals for holiday gifts you might not have thought to look for.

The Possible with Pay gift guide compiles over 160 recommendations for this holiday season, all available from merchants that use Amazon Pay. The items range from the practical to the decadent to the silly, and they’re all at the ready for quick and secure purchase via Amazon Pay.

Looking for a gift that doesn’t break the bank but still exudes taste and class, or at least, will make someone really happy? Try our roundup of gifts under $100, from killer sunglasses to wearable blankets to the slickest golf gloves on the market. There’s something perfect for almost any conceivable loved one on this list.

Crystal Wave Sunglasses from Blenders

Buying a gift for a fashion-oriented friend who’s always on the go? The newest entry in Blenders’ M Class X2 collection features half-transparent frames with a matte-finished cool gray exterior, while the interior pops with a gloss peach treatment for a satisfying color contrast. The polarized champagne lenses bring the frame a slick cohesion to this style.

The Holiday Gift Shop from Bocce’s Bakery

Don’t forget about your favorite barking family member this holiday season. Bocce’s specializes in soft-baked, seasonally appropriate treats for dogs — and are baked in the U.S. with 100% real food and all-natural preservatives. Check out their Holiday Gift Shop to find ethical and extra-tasty snacks for your favorite pooch, whether they’re naughty or nice.

Custom PupSocks from PupSocks

The concept of this signature item from Pupsocks is simple: make an ideal pair of socks from an uploaded picture of your favorite pooch. Launched in 2017, the company has grown into a large facility designing a wide variety of pet-related items. Devoted to donating to organizations like the United States Humane Society, you can feel good about doing your holiday shopping with them.

A new fragrance every month from Scentbird

Founded in 2014, Scentbird — sometimes called the “Netflix of Perfume” — helps its users to discover new fragrances of their choosing every single month. Monthly subscribers will pick from the company’s catalog of over 500 designer and niche scents, mailed to them in a sleek 8 mL vial. Your loved one’s favorite scent just might be one they haven’t met yet.

The Comfy Original from The Comfy

As we move towards winter, why not surprise a family member who’s always complaining about the cold with the defining model of wearable blanket? The Comfy Original’s huge, one-size-fits-all design combines an ultrasoft exterior with a sherpa-lined interior to make the wearer think they’re being hugged by a cloud. You can wear it around the house, put it on by the campfire, or go on a Tinder date with it — it’s designed to help the wearer live their comfiest, most uninhibited truth.

The Cozy Lounge Kit from Lively

Rising women’s brand Lively’s Cozy Lounge Kit is a fail-safe holiday gift for all of your extended crew of girlfriends. Featuring both great stocking stuffers and self-care items, the playful set is designed to improve domestic life in the cold months. It comes complete with an all-day lounge shirt, lounge pants, the “Hit Snooze” sleep mask, “Best Day Ever Socks,” and more.

T100 Thin Series from Protalus

Maintaining foot comfort and health is still important in times when one’s movement may be more restricted than it once was. Protalus Thin Series insole helps relieve joint stress and fatigue, providing arch support and aligning one’s feet and ankles. It’s a great shoe accessory for an older family member who needs help staying comfortable on their feet for longer periods of time.

Color Golf Gloves from Bender Gloves

Voted the best golf glove in 2020, Bender’s premium AA Cabrettas come in a variety of styles that are suitable for men, women, and kids alike. Since 2013, Bender has set out to design hip and colorful gloves that offer good performance, look great, and remain affordable for all golf enthusiasts. They’re an excellent gift for the five-iron swinger in your life — and luckily, they won’t break the bank.

Classic Chocolates and Brownie Box from Edible Arrangements

For the chocolate lover in your life, give them something to celebrate. This box contains the ideal variety of sweet treats: six gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries, a dozen buttery cookies, four Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory truffles, and six fudgy brownies with semisweet chips and a white chocolate drizzle on top. And it can be yours with free next-day delivery.

Wildflower and Butterflies Bouquet Throw Pillow by Shealeen Louise from Society6

This throw pillow by Shealeen Louise is a gift that’s as decorative as it is cozy, with a chic vintage-like floral design on a charcoal black background. Available in four sizes, the pillow is filled with a soft faux down insert, and is individually cut and sewn by hand — made custom just for you.

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