Possible with Pay: Game-changing products from BIPOC-owned brands

One-of-a-kind items from merchants representing Black and brown perspectives in the worlds of beauty, jewelry, fashion, and more.

One lessons from the Black Lives Matters movement is that people around the world need to find ways to stand for anti-racism through their daily routines and habits. One very simple way to do that is by supporting more Black-owned businesses.

In our newest Possible with Pay, we are highlighting exemplary products by game-changing BIPOC-owned brands through the United States. The entrepreneurs who dreamed up these items are making big strides toward changing the face of their industries through hat designs, skin treatments, coffee blends, and even medicinal honey flavors.

Peruse some standout items from BlPOC businesses below — all available for purchase with Amazon Pay at checkout.


“Build Your Own Trio” Lipstick Set from Mented Cosmetics

Mented is currently one of the most feted businesses in the cosmetics industry. With their online store’s Shade Finder tool, the company helps shoppers find lipstick colors to match their exact skin tone. With this Build Your Own Trio deal, you can customize a collection of three selections from their nine signature nude and neutral lipsticks.


Amira African Print Knit Hat from D’Iyanu

Is your headgear proving unsuitable for your pandemic-era outdoor adventures this winter? Upgrade your coziness factor with this color-block beanie hat from D’Iyanu. The unique design features an Amira African print with an indisputably cute faux-fur puff ball.


Papaya Bright Face Mask from Blk + Grn

Black & Grn is a hub for a wide range of products—skincare, hair, groceries, baby accessories and more—all made by Black artisans. The products are carefully chosen by Black health experts who know what an all-natural product truly looks like.


Wildflower with Raspberry Raw Honey from Zach & Zoe

Manufactured in New Jersey’s beautiful Hunterdon County, Zach & Zoe’s raw honey includes no pesticides and additives. Their Wildflower Honey blends flowers gathered in the summer months, resulting in a new flavor each harvest. This year, their raspberry honey will provide you and your family with a healthful dose of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and dietary fiber.


Classic Black Afridrilles Shoes from Ubuntu

Check out and marvel over these gorgeous black espadrille shoes handmade in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. Sturdy and breathable, they are designed to work well by the beach or strolling through the city. Each Afridrille is made from 100% East African cotton. Purchasing the shoes supports employment of women in Kenya and promotes sustainable change in Maai Mahiu.


Rise & Grnd Medium Roast Coffee Blend from Blk & Bold

The founders of Blk & Bold hope to help equip young people with tools to live their best lives and overcome unfortunate circumstances. Therefore, they contribute 5% of all profits to initiatives supporting domestic at-risk youth. Their signature medium-roast coffee blend is roasted in small batches to bring out rich, nutty flavors in each bean.


East Fourteenth Coffee from Red Bay Coffee

San Francisco Bay Area coffee roasters Red Bay maintain a firm commitment to making high-quality coffee sustainably, but they also want their business to stand for diversity, inclusion, and social and economic restoration. Their rich, full-bodied East Fourteenth blend is an homage to their local heritage — that is, Oakland’s wide-reaching cultures and creeds.

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