Possible with Pay: Celebrate Prime Day with these Amazon Pay merchants

Indulge in savings with these Prime Day deals including some of our favorite self-care products

Amazon Pay is extending the great offers you’ve come to expect on Prime Day to websites around the world. Starting today through July 31, shoppers in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain can take advantage of incredible deals from participating Amazon Pay merchants. Simply visit the Amazon Pay Prime Day deals page to get started.

To give you a head start, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite merchants over the next four weeks. In this week’s edition of Possible with Pay, let’s take a look at some great opportunities for self-care and savings.


Ministry of Supply
It’s a familiar sartorial trade-off: do you dress for style or for comfort? Ministry of Supply’s dress clothes offers a third option: both. Founded by former MIT students, these “performance professional” togs use some of the same temperature-regulating materials used by NASA to create easy-care dress clothes that look and feel great.

For too long, refreshing your eyeglasses meant spending an arm and leg. offers prescription glasses – both designer and house brands – at steeply discounted prices. With virtual try-on technology you’re sure to find the right fit and style.


Little Nomad
The beautiful foam play mats from Little Nomad will turn your home into a baby-safe play space without turning your den into a Chuck E. Cheese. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and an appearance on Shark Tank, Little Nomad has expanded into storage, décor, and toys.


Helix Sleep
Is there anything more valuable, yet more elusive, than a good night’s sleep? It’s time to fix that with a Helix Mattress. Named CNN’s Most Comfortable Mattress for 2019, Helix offers outrageous comfort designed specifically for your body type, sleep style, and feel preference.


Embr Labs
Whether you’re dealing with an overactive office A/C or a searing hot bedroom, the remarkable Embr Wave wearable has you covered. This app-powered bracelet can help you chill out or keep warm using technology that raises or lowers your body temp by 5°F within minutes.


Jus by Julie
If you’re feeling motivated to get healthy this summer, but not quite motivated enough with cleaning your juicer three times a day, let Jus by Julie give you a helping hand. Their line of innovative juice and smoothie bottles, detox cleanses, and healthy snacks will have you detoxing in no time.


Lily Jade
Just because you’re toting diapers doesn’t mean that your bag has to look like one too. The beautifully designed, perfectly organized diaper bags from Lily Jade can easily transition from play date to dinner date without looking like you’ve got a bag full bottles, wet naps, and who-knows-what-else.


Blending your own protein shakes is great, but extension cords will only get you so far – you’re probably going to be tethered to that kitchen outlet. The BlendJet lets you make fresh smoothies, shakes, or baby food anywhere you want with a small, but powerful, blender that’s battery-powered and lightweight.

Visit the Amazon Pay Prime Day deals page for a full list of participating retailers.