Possible with Pay: 21 life-changing products for new parents and parents-to-be

Check out this wide array of baby and maternity items that will make any new parent’s life a lot easier.

You can prepare all you want – read every baby book, collect advice from friends who have been there, deck out a state-of-the-art nursery, and throw a lavish baby shower – but a new infant is bound to throw the best-laid plans into disrepair.

We’re here to help. We’ve handpicked top-rated products for new parents, from baby monitor systems, to maternity wear (that’s both practical and comfortable), to smart bassinets. And you can get them all with Amazon Pay.


New Parent Kit from The Laundress

Every new parent needs a reliable set of products to combat the wear, tear, stains, and odors of your baby’s dirty laundry. This allergen- and-chemical-free Starter Kit from The Laundress offers a perfect array of laundry products at an unbeatable price.


Owlet Monitor Duo from Owlet

Rest (relatively) easy with the help of a baby monitor that provides a lot more than a pretty picture. In addition to a camera, the Owlet Monitor Duo features a Smart Sock, which monitors oxygen level and heart rate, and will immediately inform you if your baby’s readings leave a safe zone.


DuoSmart Thermometer from Baby Doppler

For anxious new parents (i.e., every new parent), this forehead and ear thermometer should go some way toward easing their minds. And it’s not just for kiddies—this Baby Doppler thermometer also makes it easy to check the temperature of any member of the family who might be ailing.

S.O.S. Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow from Belly Bandit

This pillow from pregnancy-safe product experts Belly Bandit is designed to keep expecting mothers securely and comfortably on their side through the night. Complete with belt, back support, and pregnancy wedge pillow, it’s adaptable for the needs of each trimester, ensuring optimal blood and oxygen levels reach your baby.


Maternity pajamas from Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely’s chic and maximally comfortable PJs are catered toward women on either side of pregnancy, providing elastic-free comfort and a double-layer design that can enable easier nursing. Best of all, you can wear these pajamas on your errands and no one would bat an eye.


Play mats from The House of Noa

Play mats don’t have to be an eyesore in your living room or nursery. This adaptable Roam Free mat looks like an attractive rug, and provides an extra level of comfort and serenity for your baby’s playtime. It’s also customizable in any size thanks to its foam-block-based design.


Active Wrap from Baby K’tan

Tired of uncomfortable baby wraps that wear and tear easily? Consider investing in Baby K’tan’s resilient Active Wrap design, which quickly wicks away sweat and moisture, blocks over 90% of UVA and UVB rays, and comes with built-in temperature regulating technology.


Smart baby monitor from Nanit

Nanit’s baby monitoring kit fires on all cylinders. Accessible via your smart device of choice, its camera provides two-way audio and HD video, gauges temperature and humidity, and tracks sleep patterns, all while the baby wrap monitors your child’s breathing. The app also creates a memory scrapbook and allows you to share your feed with family and caretakers.


Deluxe Dock from DockATot

This safe and secure dock bed from DockATot is about as comfy as an infant’s sleep space can be – slipping them into it almost feels like spoiling them. Available in 18 unique and attractive designs, it’s a customer favorite that lets your little one enjoy the cushy sleepy-time life they deserve.


Smart bassinet from The Happiest Baby

Looking for a little extra shut-eye? Avoid some of those trips in the wee-hours to check on your nugget of joy, and invest in The Happiest Baby’s SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet. This truly remarkable unit responds to your infant’s movements and crying in real time with a combination of gentle rocking, soothing white noise, and snug and safe swaddling to help them sleep deeper and longer.


Swaddle from Nested Bean

For an easy, cozy way to assure sound sleep for your infant, try this gently weighted swaddle from Nested Bean. Comfy with an all-cotton design, it’s breathable, safe for tummy sleeping, and comes in sizes for kids from 0 to 24 months.


Pacifier from Ryan & Rose

This resilient pacifier, made from non-toxic material, is a dual-purpose wonder. The pacifier has two sides – one was created to have a soothing effect, while the other was developed to aid with teething relief. It’s available in two different versions – for babies with or without teeth – and in a full 26 different shades.


Maternity leggings from Hatch Collection

Hatch’s team has created legwear to delight new mamas at any stage of the pregnancy process: the aptly titled Before, During, and After Legging. They’re stretchy without restrictive elastic and roll up and down your belly until you find a comfortable place for them. Consider buying some extras so you never go without this level of comfort.


Nursing top from Latched Mama

Here’s a great tee for new mothers to remind their family who’s boss, thanks to its “Mama Bear” design. Its double-layered, extra-long styling also makes it easy for nursing during any stage of motherhood. This extra-soft item is just about as comfortable as maternity wear can get.

Baby food from Formuland

Help introduce your baby to solid food with this light and fluffy organic porridge from Formuland, which combines the tastes of banana and mango without adding gluten, sugar, artificial flavors, or sweeteners.


Sandals from Rothy’s

Everyone loves a dependable shoe to slide into, but it’s especially essential for a new or expecting mother looking for something comfortable – but cute – to wear around the house. Rothy’s elevated sandals are ready-made to be your new favorite at-home footwear, thanks to its knit leather outsoles and supportive contour footbed.


Maternity skinny jeans from Blanqi

If you’re a jean lover, don’t let motherhood stop you from wearing the pants that feel like you. Blanqi has a pair of maternity skinny jeans with a built-in belly support band and super-stretch fabric, constructed using soft and soothing microfiber.


Swaddle Beanie Set from Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut’s bamboo baby swaddle can accommodate your little one as they grow. Their design is breathable, lightweight, and stretchy, combining the security your infant needs, with plenty of extra room to move around.


Early Baby Gender Blood Test at Home from SneakPeek

Learn your baby’s gender as early as eight weeks into pregnancy – and do it all from home. That means weeks to months earlier than all other methods, with even more convenience. For those who need an answer as soon as possible, SneakPeek offers a fast-track option to get results in 72 hours or less.


Baby carrier from TushBaby

TushBaby has blessed new parents everywhere with an innovative alternative to the traditional baby carrier. Worn around the waist, this memory-foam-lined seat gives your little one padding and lumbar support, secured with high-quality velcro. There’s also a storage area within the seat to fit essentials, from phones and wallets to toys and diapers.


Maternity dress at PinkBlush

Unsatisfied with the maternity looks you’re being served up? You’re bound to find something with the right ratio of comfort to chic in PinkBlush’s expansive line of dresses for new mothers, made from a wide variety of fabrics in both solid colors and patterned designs.