Possible with Pay: 12 ways to support small businesses

We’re highlighting some of the newest small businesses offering Amazon Pay.

We’re excited to share that a new class of growing brands have joined the Amazon Pay family, offering Amazon customers a secure way to pay on their site. From greeting cards that grow to customer superhero capes, these products are as special as they are unique. We can’t wait to show them off!

Right now is also a perfect opportunity to show your support for small businesses, as they weather the unique challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are 12 ways you can use your Amazon account to support small businesses:


UPF50+ Sunhats from ZOOCCHINI

Online children’s brand ZOOCCHINI wants to ensure that, from an attire standpoint, your child is comfortable and well-prepared. Their line of baby and toddler clothes includes UP50+-certified, easily washable sunhats -- providing a great way to enjoy the sun while staying protected.


Crunch Cup from CrunchCup

If you’re a cereal enthusiast who has stocked your house well, you’ll appreciate this perfect receptacle for a big breakfast: the CrunchCup, from the company of the same name. Let milk and cereal mix in your mouth without spillage while sitting in bed, on your back porch, or whatever suits you.


Smart chessboards from Square Off Now

Board games are a time-tested antidote for boredom and an effective way to connect with loved ones. Make sure you have the most classic game of all time in your collection and shell out for a board that’s built to last. Square Off’s smart chess sets include self-moving pieces, solo player capabilities, and even live-stream technology.


Touch Diffuser from Aera

Has there ever been a more important time in modern history to purify the air in your home? Aera’s line of diffusers are sold with your choice of light, hypo-allergenic, and long-lasting fragrances to keep the air in your living space smelling fresh and feeling clean.


Shampoo bars from Sun Gold Soaps

San Diego company Sun Gold has channeled their expertise into a line of shampoo soap, with products for both men and women. For those looking for a simple but effective shower routine, the “Dude Where’s My Shampoo Bar” is a great solution. Women may prefer the fragrant plumeria or lemongrass and green tea variations.


Custom superhero cape from

Empower your child to dream big while cooped up in the house. This superhero cape from Superfly Kids can be customized with their initial, as well as different colors and logo shapes. Don’t order up the same big-brand Batman and Star Wars merchandise for playtime—let your son or daughter’s imagination run free.


Magnolia Champagne Candle from Lux Illume

Lux Illume stocks GMO-free, fully sustainable vegan soy wax candles with scents that are guaranteed to transform the atmosphere of your home. Available in four different long-burning sizes, their signature Magnolia Champagne candle is a good place to start with their catalog, with its top notes of honeydew, grapefruit, apple, and mandarin.


Living room leather sofa from The Khazana

It’s hard to spend so much time in your house and not want to shake the layout up a bit. Luckily, home decor whizzes The Khazana are delivering, and their incredible deals on indoor and outdoor furniture are certain to catch your eye. To transform your living room, we recommend their classy and ultra-comfortable leather sofas.


Radio-controlled vehicles from Sierra Hobbies

Is it really a shelter-in-place lifestyle without a goofy new toy or hobby? If finding something weird and frivolous to help pass the time appeals to you, peruse Sierra Hobby Shop’s online store. Their speciality is radio-controlled cars, guaranteed to terrorize your living room in the best way possible.


DIY Classic Bubble Tea Kit from Boba Green

During this crisis period, everyone needs treats in their fridge and pantry, as well as a stockpile of essentials. Think of it as a mental health consideration. If you’re a tapioca lover, or love the ritual of sucking up sweet-tasting globs through a big straw, Boba Green’s DIY Classic Bubble Milk Tea kit is the quarantine indulgence for you.


Greeting cards that grow from Plant Your Herb

Plant Your Herb is a small company with a one-of-a-kind specialty: greeting cards that sprout. Coming complete with a Mason Jar and a pot, PYH’s cards are presented against a backdrop of majestic hydroponic basil and lettuce. Celebrate your quarantined loved one on a special day with the deliverable wonder.

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