Possible with Pay: 11 businesses with great products for the great outdoors

Plan a safe adventure with this selection of indispensable products for climbers, runners, and more.

Around the world, people are venturing outside enjoy the season, while staying socially distanced and taking necessary precautions. For those who love the outdoors, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your time, from long and restorative runs to mini-climbing expeditions to fishing getaways. For this installment of Possible with Pay, we’re highlighting 11 amazing Amazon Pay merchants with singular offerings designed to help you have fun in the warm weather this year.

Check out their exemplary offerings below.


Insular Static V from Klymit
Utah outdoors-gear experts Klymit have the perfect sleeping accessory for your camping excursion: an insular sleeping pad with a patented V-shape and warming thermal design. The pad’s design automatically centers sleepers, delivering support and comfort whether you sleep on your side, stomach or back.


Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer from Panama Jack
Anyone venturing out of the house needs a high-quality hand sanitizer in their arsenal. Panama Jack, known for decades for their sun and skincare products, has developed a brand new, fragrance-free antiseptic hand sanitizer. Enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamin E, it dries quickly and leaves hands feeling soft.


Space Mask from Space Mask
Lab tests have confirmed that nanotech materials are superior to materials like cotton and polyester when it comes to filtration and antibacterial properties. Going above and beyond other reusable facemasks on the market, the Space Mask’s nanotech design features a three-layer construction that provides exceptional breathability and comfort.

Washable Mask from ElectricStyles
ElectricStyles’ washable mask takes a comprehensive approach to coronavirus safety precautions. Each comes with replaceable carbon filters and nose bridges, and for comfort, both the mask’s nose bridges and ear loops are adjustable. ElectricStyles is also putting their design work to good use by donating a surgical mask to a hospital for every mask sold.

Vogmask VMCV from Vogmask
Offering superior face coverage and pollution protection, Vogmask’s VMCV mask is top of the line when it comes to reusable filtering facemasks. Available in a wide variety of fun designs—and in versions featuring microfiber and organic materials—the mask is reusable for between three months and a year, depending on exposure.

Blendjet One from Blendjet
Perfect for either the health-conscious or party animals, this miracle gadget will come in handy in a pinch. A portable, USB-rechargeable blender, the BlendJet One will whip up multiple fruit smoothies or iced margaritas at a moment’s notice.


Get Lean jump rope set from Crossrope
If your idea of a jump rope is little more than a length of twine, you need to see the meticulously engineered, high performance products from Crossrope. If you are looking for a way to stay active around the yard, look no further. This little marvel features ergonomic handles, precision steel bearings, and tangle-free ropes to give you a great workout for weight loss and cardio.


Campfire stove from Solo Stove
Of course, if you’re planning a cookout among untamed nature, you’ll need something more compact. The wood-burning Campfire from Solo Stove can cook for more than four people, with a beautifully engineered design that guarantees you a more complete burn with very little smoke.


Pagoda Path Light Expansion Kit from Volt
Looking for a fun summer project that will also upgrade your outdoor space? Then give this lighting expansion kit a try – you’ll get the materials you need to install beautiful pagoda style lights to brighten up paths and entryways.


23 X 16-Inch Expandable Flex Grill Basket with Rosewood Handle from BBQ Guys
For the voracious griller, this expandable grill basket from BBQ Guys combines the durability of chromed steel with rosewood handle grips for safer, easier grilling. The lockable basket holds food gently but securely, protecting more delicate items but expanding to hold huge hunks of meat as needed.


Heart Rush sunglasses from Blenders
The sunglasses in Blenders’ H Series all employ exceptionally durable polycarbonate frames and glare-reducing polarized lenses to mix sharp style and strong sun protection. Their hyper-chic Heart Rush design features champagne mirror lenses, with a rubberized matte frame that flows from a tortoise to pure peach finish.