Possible with Pay: 10 perfect holiday surprises for kids of all ages

These deals on kids’ games, fashions, art supplies, and more will improve your holiday season.

The Possible with Pay gift guide compiles nearly 200 recommendations for this holiday season, all available from merchants that use Amazon Pay. The items range from the practical to the decadent to the silly, and they’re all at the ready for quick and secure purchase via Amazon Pay.

Looking for toys and accessories that promote good habits and learning for your child, while still providing genuine fun? We’ve got a ton of those items to recommend on our For the Kids list, as well as some great school essentials and baby products. Find the perfect holiday treat for that special kid in your life right here.

Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 4-Pack Board Game from Funko

For fans of the Tim Burton-produced animated classic, this board game encourages children to try out different combinations of characters to discover their favorite synergies and strategies. Appropriate for both Halloween and Christmas, it features two playable maps — Oogie Boogie’s Lair and Halloween Town — and four exclusive game figures: Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, and Dr. Finkelstein.

Strawberry Sunset Card Game from Stellar Factory

Strawberry Sunset is a strategy game perfect for elementary schoolers, in which players grow a vibrant and flourishing strawberry patch. You have until sunset to grow as many strawberry plants as you can, while landscaping your garden, adding unique features such as koi ponds, gnomes, and zen gardens. This makes for guaranteed (and totally unplugged) fun with your child at family game nights.

Classic Care Bears All Over Print Mini Backpack from

Maybe it’s time for the little one you love to learn some ’80s wisdom and be introduced to a cartoon that really showed past generations how to care. This officially licensed Care Bears backpack is made out of faux leather, giving it a high-quality, durable feel. The print features the full classic cast of bears, including Tenderheart Bear, Cheer Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, and more.

Redcat Everest 10 from Redcat Racing

From automotive racing and R/C experts Redcat Racing, the Everest-10 is ready to scale the toughest terrain. A shaft-driven rock crawler utilizing a single motor, it’s the perfect vehicle for kids who love the aggressive look of monster trucks, but still want the ability to scale mountain sides. The Everest-10 is an impressive performer and is ready to crawl with the best of them.

Lina Bell Bottoms in Safari from Bailey’s Blossom

Here’s a clothing item no daughter could be too disappointed about finding waiting for her in the gift pile. These baby bell bottoms are one of Bailey’s Blossoms staples. After selling out within just a few hours of their initial release, they have since become a trend for mini-fashionistas everywhere. Their comfortable fit, retro style, and vibrant pattern have an immediate appeal for young women.

Deluxe+ Dock from DockATot

Acclaimed and resourceful baby company Dockatot’s Deluxe+ dock is the ultimate Stage 1 docking station for your baby. Suitable for infants 0 to 8+ months old, the multifunctional unit offers a safe and comfy spot for your little one to shift between rest, lounging, playing, cuddling, tummy time, and (yes) diaper changes. With its lightweight and portable design, it’s also perfect for travel.

Light Up Tracing Pad from Crayola

Learning to draw can seem like an intimidating prospect, but with the Light Up Tracing Pad, your little artist — age 6 and up — can draw whatever they want and color it in easily. The package features over 35 art supplies to aid in creative play, including music- and sports-themed tracing sheets, hundreds of downloadable images, a graphite pencil, and short colored pencils for drawing, illustrating, and coloring.

SoHo E-Z Lift Artist Watercolors from Jerry’s Artarama

A great watercolor kit is an essential resource for your artistically inclined growing kid. This deluxe, top-selling set from Jerry’s Artarama comes with 36 semi-moist watercolor paints, including fluorescent and metallic shades. Rather than smearing out into near transparency, its colors are rich, vivid, and concentrated.

LumiPets from Lumie World

LumiPets are an easy candidate for the most technologically and creatively innovative childhood companions on the market. With their ever-changing lights and modes, LumiPets offer all-day play that promotes color learning, and make for perfect night buddies for your child. For maximum parental convenience, they also come with a remote, auto timer, rechargeable battery, and more.


Aroma Plush Birch Bear Pal 3-Pack from Plant Therapy

What could be better than a totally snuggable stuffed toy that also smells great? Plant Therapy’s Aroma Plush Pals are not only soft and squishy, as any good stuffed animal should be, but they also come with a kid-safe high-quality essential oil blend inside. When your little one snuggles up with their Plush Pal, they’ll be surrounded by the subtly uplifting aroma that’s as safe as it is calming.