Possible with Pay: 10 amazing back-to-school products

Prepare for fall with these essentials and handy accessories for students, all available through Amazon Pay merchants.

If you’ve lost track of what month it is, don’t worry, you’re not alone. But we’re here to warn you that fall is almost upon us, and for many of us, it’s time to think about getting prepared for the start of the school year. Whether or not there’s a physical classroom in your future, Amazon Pay merchants have a wide selection of products you shouldn’t be without come the first day of school.

Have a look.


Mints from Zellie’s

If breath mints seem like an odd thing to worry about, you clearly haven’t been wearing your mask enough. Keep your own nose happy, as well as anybody else who might be close enough to you, with these powerful 100% all-natural tooth-friendly mints from Zellie’s.


Liberty Is a Woman Hoodie from Wear the Change

Wear the Change is a brand that gives artists an opportunity to share designs related to social and racial justice. This empowering hoodie is part of the company’s Activism Collection, for which 100% of proceeds are donated to charity (in this case, the women’s charity A Long Walk Home).


Play Table and Chair set from Zipse Haus

For young kids working on crafting or another creative project, this sturdy wood two chair, one table set makes for an effective learning area. It’s a natural addition to any reading nook, living room, or play area, and is guaranteed to give your elementary schooler a productive base of operations.


“Vote” shirt or Aloe mug from Daizeey

With so much of life now spent indoors, the number of house plant obsessives is growing every day. Honor your precious succulents with this punny “Aloe, It’s Me” mug from female-owned, pop-culture-obsessed lifestyle brand Daizeey. If you’re passionate about making sure your classmates get out to the polls, you might also want to shell out for this playful rainbow “VOTE” tee.


Eyeglasses from Felix Gray

Felix Gray’s glasses are all outfitted with proprietary lens technology designed to fight eye strain while retaining the look of normal lenses—that is, they are committed to combating the effects of the extended screen time without sacrificing fashion sense. These square Nash frames are among their most elegant designs.


Cooling Blanket from Gravity

Studies have shown that lack of quality sleep leads to concentration and memory problems during the day. Weighted blankets, like this one from Gravity, can help – they’ve been proven to help people fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. This new “cooling” design features revolutionary moisture-wicking fabric to guarantee a sweat-free night.


22 Design 4th Dimension Concrete Shadow from

In a world where everything is digitized, it makes sense that analogue watches would make a comeback. This stunner from 22STUDIO goes to show that old-school mechanics don’t have to rely upon nostalgic aesthetics.


Tasra 16L Backpack from Cotopaxi

This repurposed nylon backpack contains more colors than the rainbow while also keeping electronics and books safe from any unexpected rain showers. Featuring a padded laptop sleeve and multiple grab handles, the Tasra is perfect for every kid on the move.


Subscription to The Washington Post

It’s a rapidly changing world, and The Washington Post is the best way to keep up. With a special academic rate, active K-12 teachers as well as U.S. college students, faculty, and staff are eligible to save 50% off a subscription.


Neocroc Canvas Backpack from Lacoste

Haul those books and laptop in comfort and style with this classic olive-green backpack from Lacoste, featuring just a hint of flair with its crocodile and palm tree patch. Perfect for everyday use, this bag makes a statement without saying much at all.