Pop-up Shop: Game-day prep

From hi-def TVs to crowd-pleasing snacks, here’s everything you need to elevate your hosting game.

If you can’t make it to the big game, the next best thing is to bring the game to you. And if you do your game-day watch party right, sometimes playing host at home is even better than the real thing — no lines for the bathroom, more comfortable seats, and much better snacks.

Whether your sport is football, basketball, hockey, or soccer, true fans know that gathering around the big screen with friends and family to eat, drink, and yell at the ref is what game day is all about.

Next time, make sure you’re prepped to host the ultimate blowout with our game-day checklist. From next-level home theater equipment to chips, dips, and premium meats, we’ve got everything you need to elevate your game for a guaranteed win. They call it home-field advantage for a reason.

Tip #1: Prepare your home field for the big game

55 Inch QLED 4K Smart TV from Samsung

It goes without saying that an exceptional TV is crucial to any good viewing party, and this impossibly slim QLED 4K stunner from Samsung will make sure you catch all the action in crystal-clear 4K resolution — and a billion breathtaking colors. Samsung’s Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ minimizes blur while boosting motion clarity, so you’re ensured smooth, fluid playback on even the fastest-moving sports. And with built-in Alexa, you can control it all with the sound of your voice.

Soundbar from Samsung

The immersive, room-filling, virtual-3D audio from Samsung’s adaptive soundbar makes you feel like you’ve been transported right to the stadium. And when paired with a compatible Samsung TV, the experience is downright cinematic. You can also take your music game to the next level after the final buzzer with a center channel, two woofers, and tweeter built in.

Tip #2: Decorate like a champion

Sports Jersey Frame Display Case from Aosom

Put your team pride on display in this sports memorabilia case from Aosom, which provides the perfect showcase for flaunting your prized collection. The elegant hardwood design features an acrylic door with two built-in magnets and a lockable latch to help keep dust away from your favorite signed jerseys while protecting them from harmful UV rays.

Tip #3: Treat your guests with all the right snacks

Popcorn Maker from Everything Kitchens

Beer and popcorn go together like, well, beer and sports. And this classic-style popcorn maker from Cuisinart pops it up fast and hot, with enough to go around for a room full of hungry fans. With a removable door and nonstick kettle, cleanup is easy, and the stirring rod helps distribute the oil throughout the kernels for an even pop every time.

Chip & Dip Set from Everything Kitchens

This chip-and-dip set from Fiesta is a snacking icon for a reason, with time-tested design that provides the perfect blank canvas for your game-day culinary artistry. Hit it with tortilla chips and salsa or creamy guac; hummus and pita; spinach and artichoke with toast points; veggies and French onion dip — it doesn’t matter, this dishwasher- and microwave-safe receiver can handle anything you throw at it.

Tip #4: Take your main-event party food to the next level

Hamburger Patties from Snake River Farms

You’ve never had a burger until you’ve tried Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu hamburger. Known affectionately as “the world’s most decadent burger,” these ultra-premium, restaurant-quality patties are made from 100% American Wagyu beef. The patented “Ultimate Patty” method results in an outrageously juicy, wow-that’s-good experience.

Hot Dogs from Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms does not mess around with their meats. Crafted from 100% American Wagyu beef — yes, these are Wagyufurters — America’s premier gourmet hot dogs are frankly delicious. It’s not just the signature blend of spices, or the fact that they’re slowly smoked with authentic hardwood; these fully cooked dogs have skin-on casings that provide the perfect pop every time you bite in.

When you put all these essentials together, it’s pretty much a walk-off. And don’t forget, when you’re prepping for game day with any of the above merchants, checking out fast and easy with Amazon Pay is always your best offense.