Pay It Forward: Amazon Pay and Alexa are making it even easier to give back

This holiday season, giving to the charity of your choice is as simple as saying, “Alexa, make a donation.”

As this year’s festive season approaches, many of us are especially grateful for the opportunity to share our joy and gratitude with friends and families. Of course, the holiday season is also a great chance to remember the less fortunate, by giving back to those in need. Alexa and Amazon Pay are making it easier than ever to make a charitable donation to an organization close to your heart.

Simply say, “Alexa, I’d like to make a donation,” and you’ll be able to contribute to one of over 380 different 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, using Amazon Pay to process your payment. Alexa will respond, “What charity do you want to donate to?” Select your charity, and Amazon Pay and Alexa will help you complete your donation.

Alexa Donations allows you to contribute anywhere between $5 and $200 to supported charities, simply using your existing Amazon account. As long as you have a valid payment method in your Amazon account, with voice purchasing enabled, just ask Alexa to help give back.

Of course, charitable giving isn’t just restricted to the holiday season. You can use Alexa and Amazon Pay to donate all year round. You can learn more about how Alexa Donations works here.

And if you’re part of a nonprofit organization that would like to participate in Alexa Donations, you can find out more information right here.