Merchant Spotlight: Wyze Cam

The little ‘camera that could’ has turned its community into its biggest sales team

Visit the Facebook page for Wyze Labs, and you’ll find community posts that probably aren’t what you’d expect from a security camera company. Among the highlights: a nine-year-old conversing with “Mr. Camera”, jerry-rigged hardware hacks to-go (plug-free), and footage of misbehaving dogs destroying their foam bed.

That community of more than 25,000 members has been at the heart of Wyze’s success. Not only do users post their more unusual security cam footage, they also use the page to seek customer support and offer feedback for product development. And, most importantly, they tell their friends about Wyze’s security cameras.

Wyze Cam launched in October 2017, with one massive market differentiator – the price point. The camera costs a fraction of its competitors’ prices, running a mere $20, and yet the company promises not to skimp on hardware and software. Only 17 months later, Wyze reached the one-million-user mark, a runaway success. They attribute their massive growth entirely to their community.

“We see ourselves as a company for the people and by the people (we’re customers of our own products!) and credit our growth to the word of mouth of all of our users out there,” they said. “When we say we couldn’t have done it without them, we really mean that.”

A large part of that word-of-mouth success is in meeting customers where they’re already shopping. As Farhad Manjoo at The New York Times reported in December, “Though they snubbed every other retailer, Wyze’s founders recognized that they needed an Amazon storefront to help them establish an instant presence next to the big guys. Customer rankings and reviews on Amazon have become just about the most important factor in how consumers buy electronics products.”

Wyze doesn’t stop there – they also offer customers to their website the ability to use Amazon Pay when they checkout. That allows consumers the chance to pick up these remarkable devices without first creating an account or typing in their shipping information yet again.

The company’s success hasn’t slowed down. In February, Wyze successfully raised $20 million in venture capital funding, a breakthrough they didn’t announce via the typically dull, dry press release.

Instead the team created a six-minute video speaking directly to their biggest fans – Wyze users. The video features documentary-style footage of ups-and-downs in the company’s history, and does a remarkable job at generating excitement for the future of Wyze Labs.

Visit Wyze to learn more about their camera and buy the product using Amazon Pay.