Merchant Spotlight: L’ange

A hair care brand that also cares for inner beauty.

L’ange offers a range of hair products and styling tools that does more than just improve your looks. They help improve women’s lives, increase their happiness, and promote overall inner beauty through increased confidence.

Founded in 2017 by Dalia Lange, the company grew out of Lange’s own frustrations with trying to manage her coarse hair. (The name isn’t just a play on her last name; L’ange also means “angel” in French.)

Today the Chatsworth, California-based business employs more than 25 people and offers a full range of curling wands, flat irons, hair care product, and more. They’re also taking the beauty industry by storm, having sold over 5,000,000 products around the world in just two years.

The ah-ha moment

Raised in a foster home, Lange never learned how to “be a girl”, opting to keep her hair short because she didn’t know how to tame or style it. When her adolescent daughter expressed the same frustration with styling her own similarly-textured hair, Dalia sought out help from professional hairdressers.

In learning how to style their hair, both Dalia and her daughter experienced a dramatic increase in self-confidence. It never occurred to Dalia how much a small physical change could affect her whole spirit. With this realization, she created L’ange to help other women experience similar personal transformations.

The products speak for themselves

L’ange products and tools are of superior quality, attainably priced and more effective than others on the market—the proof is in the visible transformations that happen right before your eyes. Women love L’ange products and their enthusiasm is contagious. Their hair dries faster, curls last longer and they get more days between washes.

Right out of the gate, women have flocked to L’ange after watching everyday women demonstrate how they use the products and seeing how well they perform in real time. These are real women who are authentic and genuine about the brand, showing results that are real and attainable.

The enthusiasm and transformations women have shared across all platforms of social media have gone viral over and over again -- tens of thousands of their posts have received billions of impressions. Their goal is to transform the lives of two million women by 2020.

L’ange is celebrating their second anniversary. Join in the festivities, and enjoy their Celebratory Sale here.