Meet the sisters on a mission to improve dogs’ lives with high-quality treats

Driven by the mission that dogs deserve better food, Andrea and Natalia Tovar are revolutionizing the dog food aisle with Bocce’s Bakery.

We only want what’s best for those we love — and that goes for the dogs in our lives, too. Bocce’s Bakery is on a mission to make sure that dogs get the high-quality and tasty treats that they deserve. Bocce’s makes small-batch dog biscuits or treats from high-quality all-natural ingredients to keep your pups healthy and happy, no matter how many treats you’re tempted to give them.

Baked with love

Bocce’s Bakery came to fruition in 2010, after a 13-year-old scruffy mutt named Bocce was told by his vet that he was carrying a few extra pounds. That’s when his owner, Andrea Tovar, started to learn more about what Bocce was eating. She was shocked by what she found on ingredient lists — most dog treats were filled with unhealthy preservatives and additives that she couldn’t even pronounce.

So, Andrea decided to change Bocce’s diet: She combined her love of making fresh, seasonal foods with Bocce’s love of biscuits to create healthy treats made from all-natural, simple ingredients.


Bocce’s Bakery started off small, in Andrea’s tiny West Village kitchen, with nothing more than a mixer, an oven, and a dog who couldn’t get enough of her delicious biscuits. From there, her business grew slowly but steadily, small batch by small batch. Eventually, Andrea had to ask her sister Natalia — who lived up in Boston — to help bake dog treats over the weekend. And within a few months, the sisters were filling so many orders that Natalia and her husband had to permanently relocate to New York to keep up with demand.

High quality ingredients, small batch recipes

The ethos of Bocce’s Bakery is that better treats are made with better ingredients. That’s part of the reason why the company strives to create delicious tasting biscuits and treats with just a few high-quality ingredients, including nitrate-free bacon, peanut butter from freshly roasted peanuts, and USA chicken and beef — all of which are locally sourced.


Even as Bocce’s has expanded beyond that small kitchen in the West Village, the ingredient list has stayed short, and the batches have stayed small. That’s because Bocce’s is committed to improving the dog food aisle with treats that are better crafted — and overall better for your pup.

A treat for every pup

Whether you’re looking for crunchy dog biscuits, chewy dog treats, or low-calorie treats for teething pups, Bocce’s has delicious bites for every pooch. Their oven-baked biscuits are optimal for dogs that prefer to munch on crunchy snacks. Ranging in such delectable flavors as turmeric latte, birthday cake, and bone broth, these biscuits also come in options for pups with allergies and sensitive digestive tracts.


For pups in need of some regular reinforcement, Bocce’s Training Treats are the perfect low-calorie bite to help your dog learn any trick, no matter their age. With irresistible flavor combinations like bacon and peanut butter and beef liver and cheese, these bites are a healthy choice for all-day snacking.


Many of Bocce’s products won’t just help your pup behave better — they’ll help your dog feel better, too. They make treats that can help with digestion, provide immune support, and benefit achy joints, as well as meet the special dietary needs of your pup with grain-free, vegetarian, and low-calorie options. They also make treats to help with dental wellness, including the Brushy Bites Soft & Chewy Treats, which leave your dog’s mouth feeling extra fresh all while staying easy on the teeth.

Whether you’ve got a teething puppy or a veteran pooch, you’ll be able to find the perfect treat for your dog within Bocce’s wide array of fresh and small-batch bites. Just remember that when you’re placing that order on Bocce’s website, you can easily check out with Amazon Pay. It’s the fast, simple, and secure way to shop on sites all over the globe using the information stored in your Amazon account. Just look for the button at checkout — we’ll take care of the rest.