Meet the sister act behind your next great art find

The Sanchez sisters are on a mission to make great art affordable for everyone.

Originally posted 11/24/21

They’re in the pages of glossy magazines like Vogue and Architectural Digest and the Instagram posts of celebrities like Ariana Grande. But the sisters behind the glittery art and lifestyle brand Oliver Gal Artist Co., which produces luxury decor at affordable prices, aren’t exactly a Hollywood success story. They’re a Hollywood, Florida, success story.

Co-founded in 2012 by power-siblings Ana Sanchez-Gal and Lola Sanchez, Oliver Gal specializes in accessible, pop-art-inspired pieces that offer museum quality without the museum budget. The idea sprung from the sisters’ own fruitless searches for vibrant, “truly cool” art pieces that always seemed to end in frustration — or sticker shock.

“Oliver Gal is a company created with leading-edge spirit and an ambitious objective,” says CEO Ana Sanchez-Gal, who also runs decor lines under the larger brand umbrella Art Remedy. “To offer museum-quality original art for all, at a revolutionary price.” *

While Ana focuses on the vision and business strategy as CEO, younger sister Lola handles the visuals as Chief Creative Officer. With a design sensibility she describes as “Van Gogh meets Lady Gaga” — with plenty of haute couture and a splash of Tokyo — Lola travels the world for several months each year in search of inspiration.

“My art has always been a celebration of glam, inclusion, allure, and glitzy positivity,” Lola says. “As the CEO and my mentor, my sister helps me focus my energy and become the best version of myself. In this case, a serial hit maker!”

From startup to art empire

In just a few short years, the entrepreneurial Sanchez sisters created what Glamour magazine now calls the “go-to brand for contemporary wall hangings,” employing nearly 70 people. Their ever-changing line of decor objects and stylish original limited-edition art caters to curated tastes and moves away from boring to daring and bold pop-art, striking abstracts and witty fashion fan art. (Lola’s personal favorite is her cheeky-chic take on a Chanel soup can.)

Popular abstract prints like Parque del Retiro come on gallery canvas that’s hand-stretched over sustainable, handmade wood frames. And pet lovers can have their dogs and cats immortalized in custom artwork like Luxury Traveler, which features a pet’s name and portrait emblazoned on (and in) a fashion trunk. The handcrafted acrylic Blue Agate Surf Board functions as a high-gloss art pane and sculptural object, creating the illusion that the piece is floating on the wall. It’s one of many unique, artist-designed surfboards available from Oliver Gal, which make just as big a design statement leaning up in a corner or hanging horizontally on a shelf.


“Ana and I are fashion collectors,” says Lola, “and while our styles are very different, we both adore haute couture and find that having objects that display our fandom brings us a lot of joy. So we decided to share that with the world.”

Whether you choose from their constantly updated roster of new arrivals, like Katy Hirschfeld’s RBG mixed-media collage, or the pop-sophistication of their perennial fashion-centric bestsellers, if it’s from Oliver Gal, it’s exploding with graphic impact and color.

The bigger picture

For the Sanchez sisters, the climb toward world domination of our eyeballs serves a larger goal: the empowerment of women. Last year, the pair published their first book, Hello Gorgeous: Empowering Quotes from Bold Women to Inspire Greatness, a collection of motivational quotes and striking images that tells the sisters’ story alongside 54 other female entrepreneurs. It’s brimming with sage advice from luminaries like Lola Tash from MyTherapistSays, designer and TV host Alena Capra, influencer Alisa Ueno, and Cocofloss founder Cat Cu.


They’re also giving back. They have partnered with various non-profit organizations to help raise money and donate to causes they believe in. Every year, in October, they donate proceeds from their Pink Collection to a Breast Cancer related organization. They have also donated profits from their Ebony collection to the NAACP, as part of a commitment to “radical change in support of BIPOC.”

Oliver Gal’s mission, Ana says, is to bring the love of art to every household while also creating careers with purpose for its team members. “It’s our opportunity to make a difference in our community by providing leadership in a workplace, based on growth, creativity, and diversity,” she says.

In the meantime, the two continue to work every day to stay ahead of the international design curve — and remain pop-culturally relevant.

“Why do what others are already doing?” Lola says. “Sounds incredibly boring. I try to anticipate the needs and likes of my customers. If you are seeing the trend in the media, it is already too late.”

Next up? “We’d love to work with Rihanna,” Ana says.

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