Meet the RC car maker on the cutting edge of retail

How Redcat Racing engages and delights legions of off-road fans with high-performance radio-controlled cars and parts.

Conjure up an image of a radio-controlled car, and you’ll probably picture a younger family piloting a plastic racer around the living room, bashing into table legs and getting stuck on the edges of carpets. Redcat Racing makes RC cars – but let’s just say they represent a significant upgrade from your garden-variety toy store purchase.

Founded in 2005, Redcats produces “hobbyist-grade vehicles” – racers and off-road rock crawlers that are equipped with four-wheel drive, major league tires, and alloy engines. They’re capable of taking on all kinds of outdoor terrain, from sand to rocks to steep grades. Redcat offers nearly 50 different models, including an elegant replica of the classic International Scout, not to mention traditional buggy and monster truck models.

A fan favorite is the Redcat Everest 10, which comes completely assembled and includes a telescoping drive shaft that delivers power to both front and rear axles, giving it the torque and maneuverability to scale all kinds of obstacles.

Redcat has a large and active community both of retailers and RC enthusiasts. The company’s YouTube channel has over 20,000 subscribers, many of whom post their own homemade videos of their Redcat vehicles in action. Its retail partners span the U.S. And perhaps most impressively, Redcat’s forum on contains more than 80,000 message board threads – from tech tips to Q&As, to DIY modifications.

Redcat’s website boasts an elegant experience including separate logins for dealers and consumers, a robust support section, and a powerful filtering system for searching through the company’s products. The company employs an active commission-based referral program and maintains a blog that’s updated monthly with the latest releases and information.

That dedication to digital has paid off for Redcat — more than 95% of the company’s total revenue is driven by ecommerce, which means offering options like Amazon Pay is especially crucial to their growing customer base. Founder and CEO Darin Oreman started Redcat Racing to bring people together through their shared love of RC racing. And judging by the company’s thriving forums and social media channels, they’ve succeeded.

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