How to request refunds, returns, and cancellations on your Amazon Pay order

All it takes is a few easy clicks to return or exchange a purchase you made with Amazon Pay.

Originally posted 2/22/22

Sometimes the perfect purchase isn’t perfect. But don’t worry, if you used Amazon Pay to make your purchase, requesting a refund, exchange, or cancellation is simple. Just contact the merchant through Amazon Pay, where you can explain the situation so they can handle your return or replacement.

Here’s how to do it in three easy steps.


Go to pay.amazon.com and sign in, then click “Check your Amazon Pay orders.”


Find your order and click “Details.”


Under “Need to Resolve a Problem?” click “Choose a problem type” and select “Request return, refund, or cancellation.”


It’s that easy. We’ll investigate the status of your order and take any actions available to us to resolve the problem. When you use Amazon Pay to make purchases, you can always shop with confidence.