How to rediscover the joy of cooking

Prepdeck is helping home cooks fall back in love with cooking by embracing a secret of professional chefs.

Alexander Eburne always loved to cook, but fixing meals for a family of four became a stressful daily chore. He had to plan and prep, then run around to find the right tool to measure out an ingredient while others were burning in the pot, all while staving off ‘hangry’ kids. And then, at the end of every home-cooked meal, there was the chaos to clean.

Eburne decided to find a way to improve his cooking process and discovered mise en place — a French culinary term that translates as “everything in its place.” It means organizing tools and prepping all ingredients first, so everything is ready to go when it’s time to cook. Mise en place means that it’s easier to follow a recipe and cooking becomes less stressful (even when distracted by family members).

At culinary schools, future professional chefs learn this technique in one of their first lessons. In professional kitchens, chefs can send out flawless meals in no time flat because they use mise en place.

After discovering this secret technique, Eburne started looking for a solution designed specifically for home cooks. He couldn’t find one, and that’s when Prepdeck was born. Unsure whether other home cooks would be interested in his solution, this LA dad turned to crowdfunding and was quickly blown away by the demand: Prepdeck raised almost $860,000 from 5,469 backers.

Just over two years later, Eburne is focusing on Prepdeck full time and has built a world-class team of professionals who are also passionate home cooks. His team has not only perfected and improved the original bestselling Prepdeck but has also secured a partnership with the prestigious New York Times Cooking subscription service.

The Prepdeck+ offering includes a fully loaded prep rack (in several finishes to suit any kitchen) that folds out into a cutting board, 18 clear food containers with measurement markings and lids, eight prepping tools (like a juicer, garlic crusher, peeler, julienne mandolin, and bottle opener), a drawer that can double as a trash catcher, and a mobile-device stand for checking on that recipe from the complimentary six-month subscription to NYT Cooking.

It’s no surprise that designers and home organizers have been raving about the Prepdeck system in articles like these in Glamour, Fatherly, Cool Hunting, and others.

The Prepdeck team has been earnest in helping customers learn and grow on their personal cooking journeys. Both the team members and the passionate Brand Ambassador community have been regularly sharing content with cooking tips and tricks, recipes, and seasonal dining and entertaining ideas.

In return, current Prepdeck cooks — there are over 50,000 of them — regularly share their kitchen creations and excitement from their newly rediscovered joy of cooking.

While deciding whether you are ready to start saving time and precious inches of counter space, consider that the company is donating $10 for every Prepdeck sold to No Kid Hungry, a campaign committed to ending childhood hunger in the U.S.

Millions of children are living with hunger in this nation, a problem that is snowballing because of the coronavirus pandemic’s devastating effect on the economy. Prepdeck for its part has already donated over 300,000 meals to hungry kids.

You can join this worthy cause and purchase one of the Prepdeck systems, accessories, or a brand-new Chef Caddy on their site, and remember to choose Amazon Pay for an appropriately pain-free checkout.