How to manage your Amazon wallet

It’s easy to add or update credit card information, set your default payment method, and track your Amazon Pay purchases.

Like a digital wallet, Amazon Pay offers a faster, easier, and safer way to shop — just select the Amazon Pay button at checkout wherever you make purchases online. There’s nothing else to set up. If you have an Amazon account, you already have Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay uses the same payment and address information that’s already safely stored in your Amazon account, so when you shop at your favorite online stores, you never have to waste time filling out shipping or billing forms. Checkout is just as quick and simple as it is when you make purchases from Amazon — even when you’re not shopping on Amazon.com.

Amazon Pay offers a simple and secure way to manage your payment methods and review your purchases on Amazon.com or the Amazon app.

How to add a new payment method in your Amazon account

Have a new credit card? Adding a new card to your account is easy.


  1. On Amazon.com or the Amazon app, go to “Account,” then to “Your Payments.”
  2. Click “Add a payment method” (on Amazon.com) or “Add” (on the Amazon app.)
  3. Enter your card details, then click “Add your card.”

How to change your default payment method

If you have more than one credit card stored on your account, it’s simple to set one as your default. Your default will be used when you make purchases on Amazon or using Amazon Pay.


  1. On Amazon.com or the Amazon app, go to “Account,” then to “Your Payments.”
  2. Choose the debit or credit card you want to use and click “Edit.”
  3. Check the box “Set as the default payment method.”

How to view your previous transactions

You can review the date of purchase, price, payment method, order number, and whether you bought an item on or off Amazon using Amazon Pay — all in one place.


  1. On Amazon.com or the Amazon app, go to “Account,” then to “Your Payments.”
  2. On the navigation bar near the top of the page, click “Transactions” to view all transactions.

When you use Amazon Pay, managing and updating your payment method and reviewing your purchases is easy. To learn more, visit Amazon Pay.