How Shapermint is changing women’s view of shapewear

This women’s brand understands that sometimes women just need a little extra support to feel their best.

For a new, in-demand brand that is revolutionizing the world of shapewearand changing the conversation around itcheck out Shapermint. Founded in 2018, the company’s leadership understands that most women see shapewear as body-positive, but it can take an extra push of support to get them to cultivate that sexy and self-assured attitude in their daily life.

That’s where Shapermint comes in. The company wants to change any misconception that shapewear is meant to hide curvy bodies. Shapermint’s mission is to enhance women’s natural beauty and, as they put it, “…have honest conversations about what it means to feel comfortable and confident in our own skin. We listen to our customers and let their insights guide our choices.”

Every item in the company’s catalog is handpicked by their team, with a commitment to manufacturing high-quality products and keeping the needs of their community in mind. Currently, Shapermint is putting their customers first by promoting their “at home” shapewear offering, including their distinctive and incredibly comfortable high waist shaper panties, their bestselling bras, and more.

A quick look around Shapermint’s site makes it clear that they consider their brand as much more than a clothing company. Their blog is designed for community, not a shopper – with expert style advice, fitting guides for first-timers and thoughtful analysis of the latest trends and fashionable garments for seasoned pros.

The site also goes beyond the written word with in-house videos on Shapermint TV. Consumers can hear from fitness trainers, style experts, and others who have lived the shapewear life and have tips to offer. Their tutorials on style and exercise will more-than-exceed customers’ normal expectations of a typical brands web presence.

There’s a lot of wind beneath Shapermint’s sails right now; Yahoo says that the company is “leading the way when it comes to the body positivity movement.” Shopping with the company feels more like joining a club or becoming part of a movement than just buying some intimates. Amazon is proud to count Shapermint among the ranks of their Amazon Pay merchants. Check out all of their offerings at their site here.