How Jinx is disrupting the $75 billion dog-food industry

Three former Casper execs are designing advanced nutrition for the modern Millennial pup.

Fact: Dogs are omnivores, just like us. They thrive on a balanced diet with meat- and plant-based nutrients. Most of the premium options in the category over-deliver on protein, with the majority contribution from animal sources. What happens to the body when it cannot process all of that protein? It stores as fat, and can lead to a host of health issues.

Jinx identified the need for an all-natural kibble diet that was designed in the appropriate proportions for the modern dog. A core diet that delivers on essential amino acids that power everything that great dogs do.

“You are not a caveman, and your dog is not a wolf. Our dogs have evolved and have lifestyles full of doggie playdates, trips to the park, long naps, and human cuddles.” Wise words from Terri Rockovich, CEO of Jinx, a new direct-to-consumer dog-food company that’s aiming to change the way we think about canine nutrition.

The LA-based company was launched earlier this year by three former Casper executives – the company that shook up the sleep industry in 2014 by selling a one-firmness-fits-all mattress online. The trio is aiming to do to shake up the $75 billion dog-food market exactly like what Casper did for beds: create a viable direct-to-consumer alternative for Millennials who are tired of traditional, store-bought products.

Jinx believes that the diet of today’s dog needs to catch up with their social, moderately active, lifestyle. More than half of American dogs are overweight, and many live in cities (read: small apartments) where they nap most of the day. According to Jinx’s team of veterinarians and pet nutritionists, that means they may be taking in too much protein from their existing dog food, which turns to fat if the dog isn’t running around all day.

For a fix, Jinx deploys recipes packed with nutritious ingredients optimized for lightly active dogs. Jinx is made from a mix of organic and diversified proteins, functional superfoods, and easily digestible carbohydrates. It’s available in three flavors: chicken, brown rice, and avocado; salmon, brown rice, and sweet potato; and chicken, sweet potato, and eggs. They also offer a premium jerky treat that’s sure to become your pup’s new favorite snack in two formats: Chicken & Sweet Potato and Chicken & Mango.

“The pet industry is on track to exceed $75 billion this year, fueled by Millennial pet owners,” investor Alexis Ohanian explained in a press release announcing the company’s launch. “They’re spending more on pet food than any other generation and even delaying life milestones to care for their pets.”

Because Millennials pour so much love and energy into the wellness of their animals, Jinx is taking pains to cater to the things that Millennials care most about: wholesome ingredients, manufacturing transparency, and a seamless digital experience. Jinx products are made with high-quality ingredients – the brand encourages buyers to read the entire ingredient panel (including their own) before buying any pet food – and products are thoroughly screened for quality and harmful pathogens before they’re released for sale.

Armed with more than $5+ million in funding from celebrity investors like Will Smith, Halsey, and ex-football star Michael Strahan, the ex-Casper execs will be selling their dog food where Millennials live – online. You can buy what you need, when you need it, or sign up for a subscription for a 10% discount on recurring orders.

And, of course, you can pick up your next haul of Jinx dog food using Amazon Pay. Check out everything they have to offer here.