How Build.com is pushing home improvement shopping into the future

Buy better and smarter gifts at Build.com’s immersive online store.

It’s impossible to avoid: every fall, we make big and unreasonable plans for the coming new year. We just do. Our best hope is that we follow through with at least a couple of those ideas. For the homeowner, there are always issues that need attention: an outdated light fixture, a broken cabinet knob, a dysfunctional shower, or maybe even a whole kitchen that just isn’t cutting it anymore. If some domestic inconvenience is ruining your feng shui, it’s time to break out those DIY skills and get down to work.

There are plenty of places to buy products to fix up your house. But very few retailers will help you workshop your ideas in detail, free of charge, and guide you to the equipment you really need.

Founded in 2000, Build.com is the home retailer that has always made exemplary customer service one of its highest priorities. Their website allows you to chat with specialists online rather than trying to flag someone down at Home Depot. Hundreds of experts are at the ready to talk customers through accomplishing their dream project, both efficiently and cost-effectively. With 20 years of experience in the business, Build.com is the rare home improvement retailer that wants to help you shop smarter, not just buy more.

If you’d prefer to explore ideas for 2020 home upgrades in a more open-ended way, Build.com’s Learning Center is also a one-of-a-kind resource. It features hundreds of DIY guides to home remodeling and decor that are both detailed and easy to understand. Written by Build.com Design Specialists, they offer tips from organizing your kitchen to purchasing interior doors, but also explore quirky tangents like bohemian design style and the hippest decor.

Once you begin to collect the materials you need, Build.com allows you to organize your thoughts by creating a customized Project List on the site. You can create your wish list and sort products by room, as well as monitor the orders you place. It’s also easy to share your Project List with family, friends, and contractors, to get feedback, and let them add their own ideas. And, your loved ones’ Project Lists are perfect the gift-giving assist to help you shop for the things they need.

Another exciting feature is the company’s “In-Home Preview” application, which uses Augmented Reality to give customers a 360-degree, hands-on perspective on the products they are buying. As of last year, Build.com had made over 650 of their products and 17,500 SKUs available to view in AR via their website, and the company is continuing to expand their offerings.

Dave Nickens, Build.com’s head of emerging technology, told Digital Commerce 360 last year, “Since customers can interact with our AR-enabled products, you can ensure that it will function in their space.”

With the impressive selection of unique finishes, designer brands, and innovative tools to make shopping easier and more rewarding, there may be no better destination for home gifts this holiday than Build.com—now a proud Amazon Pay merchant. Whether you’re thinking big or just need to buy an item or two, Build.com’s superior customer service and state-of-the-art web capabilities makes it very hard to buy something less than exactly what your loved one wants.

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