Happy Buys: Silly Santa gift guide

Make your Silly Santa swap even jollier this year with these fun and original white elephant Christmas gifts for friends, family, and colleagues.

Whether you call it a “white elephant,” a “Yankee swap,” or “Dirty Santa,” the anonymous gift-giving game has become one of the best traditions of the holiday season.

A good Silly Santa gift exchange between friends, family, or coworkers always starts with a pile of wrapped presents in the middle of the room. Though the rules can vary, depending on who’s hosting the party, generally speaking the order of play is determined at random or drawn from a hat. In turn, each player can either choose a gift from the main pile or steal a gift that a previous player has opened. And the last player always has the pick of the lot.

Part of what makes Silly Santa exchanges so fun is the infinite possibilities for creative and amusing gifts, usually wrapped in elaborate disguises. Whether you’re shopping for friends, family, or coworkers, we’ve selected a range of crowd-pleasing Silly Santa gifts that hit just the right mark between naughty and nice. And when you check out with Amazon Pay, it’s always fast and easy — so you can skip past the billing and shipping forms and focus on the holiday cheer, instead of the holiday stress.

Ugly Sweaters, Men’s Crew Socks | Sockologie

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a beloved holiday tradition. And this year, you can take it the extra mile with these Ugly Sweaters Socks by Socksmith. Available in green and red, the novelty socks will automatically give you the edge in any ugly sweater competition, but unlike most cheap ugly sweaters, they’re actually comfortable and well-made.

Upside Down Christmas Card | Sammy Gorin

Turn Christmas on its head with this clever Upside Down Christmas Card from New York-based artist Sammy Gorin. Printed on high-quality heavy matte stock, the card springs from the fertile and often cheeky imagination of the illustrator, who specializes in fun and graphic paper greetings with a youthful edge.

Harry Potter House Points Counter Dispenser | Jelly Belly Candy Company

It’s like your very own Hogwarts Sorting Hat — with jelly beans. Let the Harry Potter House Points Counter Dispenser decide if you’re a Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw. Just press the button to determine your fate, which gets meted out in the form of delicious Jelly Belly jelly beans in four different house flavors: Blueberry, Green Apple, Very Cherry, and Lemon.

The Cereal Collection | Goose Creek

For anyone who’s a kid at heart, these Goose Creek jar candles will bring back a sweet whiff of nostalgia. Based on popular children’s breakfast cereals, the scented candle collection is brimming with fun fragrance flavors like Fruity Hoops and Jungle Pebbles. Packaged in playful, colorful patterns, the high-quality two-wick candles come in glass jars that make great gifts. Just don’t add milk.

The Office Dundie Award Vinyl Figure |

Diehard fans of The Office will be tickled pink when you present them with their very own Dundie Award. Channel your inner Michael Scott by deciding who in your office or family deserves an official goof trophy from Scranton’s favorite fictional paper company, Dunder Mifflin. With a Dundie Award plaque and golden vinyl statuette on top, it makes an amusing addition to your actual office, too.

I Love You a Latte | Bagnet

With powerful rare earth magnets encased in smooth silicone rubber, the Clip Bagnet lets you hang your handbag or other personal items safely suspended above the floor. Great for public restrooms with no stall hooks, airports, bar stools, or awkward standing lunches, the I Love You a Latte clip saves you from having to hold your bag in your lap or hands — and keeps it off the grimy floor or counter.

Carter Pet Vest | Apparis

Style-conscious dogs everywhere will be drooling with envy when you parade your pooch around in this chic faux-fur Carter vest. The ultra-soft material is lined with fleece, so your furry friend will be extra warm this winter while they flaunt their new look. With an easy-access leash slit and Velcro closure on the underside, it’s also the kind of fast fashion dog owners love.

BlendJet 2, Portable Blender | BlendJet

Give them a passport to Blendtown. This lightweight blend-anywhere BlendJet lets you whip up smoothies, shakes, margaritas, and baby food wherever — and whenever — the mood strikes. And don’t let the compact and portable size fool you: with patented TurboJet technology, the mighty mite can power through everything from ice to frozen fruit in just 20 seconds. And the fast-charging battery lasts for 15-plus blends, so you can have a smoothie on Mount Kilimanjaro and a frappe in the Grand Canyon on a single charge.

Buying fun Silly Santa gifts with the convenience of Amazon Pay is so nice and easy, it almost feels naughty. So be sure to check your list twice, then check out fast with Amazon Pay.

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