Happy Buys: Pet products you and your furry friend will love

All the pet products your furry friend would ask you for if they could.

Welcome to Happy Buys, the Amazon Pay editorial series formerly known as Possible with Pay. The concept is still the same – we’re highlighting great products from incredible merchants, all offering Amazon Pay at checkout – but we’ve thrown in just an extra dash of joy. Take a look!

Your pets are some of the more demanding members of your family, but you no longer have to guess what they want or need. We’re curating a list of some of the best pet products that you can shop now with Amazon Pay, selecting some of our favorite brands that cater to your furry friends.

Whether you’re spending weekends chasing after a teething puppy or trying to teach your cat some tricks, shopping to keep them happy with innovative, easy-to-use products has never been simpler. Just peruse our favorite merchants for pet food, pet supplies, and pet toys, then check out with Amazon Pay, so you can get back to giving your furry friends all the attention they need.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect | Litter-Robot

The innovative Litter-Robot 3 Connect from Litter-Robot is the closest a litter box can be to chic and trendy. Surpassing lesser pet supplies, this litter box isn’t just sleek and versatile, it can also connect to Wi-Fi for automatic self-cleaning. Plus, it eliminates all odors and keeps you from scooping waste.

Wood Magazine - Woodworking Project Paper Plan to Build Dog House | Woodcraft Supply LLC

If you’re looking to build a house for your furry friend, put your woodworking to the test with the help of the Wood Magazine Paper Plan by Woodcraft Supply LLC. The step-by-step guide will take you through the building process to make an elaborate structure your pet will love. The plans even include many “creature comforts” so your pet can live in luxury.

Stuffed Animals of Your Pet | Petsies

The stuffed pet toys from Petsies are the perfect gift for your furry friend or your favorite pet owner. Made to look like your pet, the custom stuffed animals are incredibly detailed and made by hand. As far as pet products go, these are almost as good company as your four-legged companions.


Revol Dog Crate | Diggs Pet

The best pet supplies make life easier for you and more comfortable for your pet. The Revol Dog Crate from Diggs Pet is an on-the-go, collapsible crate inspired by baby-industry design for maximum efficiency and easy transport. Take your pet anywhere with no hassle with this portable, ergonomic crate.

Crispies Assorted Box Bundle | Bocce’s Bakery

Treat your furry friend to the Crispies Assorted Box Bundle from Bocce’s Bakery. The best in pet food, Bocce’s Bakery guarantees healthy but tasty treats to help your pet along in training, or just to reward them with a bite-sized snack. The assorted box gives them a taste of all the flavors.

Furniture of America Duchess Contemporary Fabric Pet Sofa in Gray | Homesquare

Your furry friend won’t want to leave this pet sofa from Homesquare. The upholstered bed offers a luxurious lounging spot in a stylish, asymmetrical shape that will add to your own home decor.

Harmony | Front of the Pack

Don’t rely on pet food alone to give your canine companion all the nutrients it needs. Harmony is a calming supplement filled with adaptogens to help your dog relax. Front of the Pack is reinventing pet products with its line of clinically tested supplements to support your dog’s overall health and encourage preventative care.

Birthday Boy and Girl Dog Hoodies | Four Paws Place

Sure, your beloved dog might not be aware it’s his or her birthday, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate your furry friend in style. This sleeved hoodie will keep your pet warm in cold weather days, and it’s designed for maximum comfort and durability, so your dog can enjoy it for many birthdays to come.

Whatever your furry friend needs, Amazon Pay makes it easy to find the best pet products and have them delivered to your doorstep with no hassle. Just use Amazon Pay at checkout, and you’ll instantly be on your way to enjoying your time with your pet while taking care of all of its needs.