Happy Buys: How to glow up from the inside out in 2022

From sleep masks to yoga mats, we’ve got everything you need to transform your body and mind this year.

New year, new you. It’s the season for glow-ups. And that doesn’t just mean posting pictures of yourself transforming from an awkward adolescent larva into a beautiful adult butterfly. You can mount your own personal glow-up at any stage in life — and January is the perfect month to begin your self-improvement journey.

A true glow-up happens on the inside as much as it does the outside, so approach your glow-up holistically, paying attention to both your physical and mental growth. That means exploring ways to enhance your external glow, whether it’s through fashion, skincare, makeup, or exercise — while also focusing on those internal factors that can help you glow from the inside out, which includes everything from eating and sleeping better to meditation. Making a few positive changes to your self-care routine can have an outsized impact on your mental health, shore up your confidence, and reduce stress.

But don’t get overwhelmed, caterpillar. We’ve got you covered with a glow-up regimen that will take you from last year’s model to a brand-new you in five easy steps. And when you check out with Amazon Pay, it’s always fast, easy, and secure, so you can spend less time filling out forms and more time focusing on you.

#1: Build a skincare routine

A few well-chosen skincare essentials are key to any good glow-up. Here’s everything you need to shine from head to toe.


Geranium Face Wash | BLK + GRN

Leave your skin feeling next-level soft and clean with this Chloe & Chad face wash infused with hydrating organic aloe vera juice. Botanical ingredients like geranium, camelia, and rosemary purify and bring balance to the skin while removing all traces of makeup and impurities, while rich, organic coconut oil helps retain moisture. Freshly scented with geranium essential oil, this nourishing formula draws out dirt and dead skin cells without drying out skin.

Essential Renewing Serum | Averr Aglow

Maintain your youthful radiance with Averr Aglow’s Essential Renewing Serum, designed to hydrate and renew for soft, smooth, and healthy-looking skin. With a unique blend of acai, elderberry, goji berry seed, and dragon fruit seed oils, it has all the nutrients you need to help your skin regenerate its luster and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Reverse-Air Dryer | RevAir

Replace your blow-dryer and flat iron with the world’s first and only reverse-air dryer, which uses patented technology to dry hair in the natural direction of the cuticle, helping to reduce frizz and seal in shine. The RevAir dries, stretches, smooths, and straightens hair in less than half the usual time — but at a lower temperature that significantly reduces the risk of long-term heat damage.


Gel Fantasy Ribbons | Kiss

Give your nails a luxurious lift with these ready-to-wear Gel Fantasy Ribbons from Kiss. The durable, flexible manicure set has everything you need for a salon-quality look, including 28 nails, pink gel nail glue, 24 mega-adhesive tabs, a mini file, and a manicure stick.

#2: Exercise regularly

In combination with a healthy diet, consistent physical training can deliver major results for your overall fitness and mood. Just be sure to always drink plenty of water.

Hit the weights

Prime Kettlebells | Fringe Sport

Unlike traditional dumbbell lifting, exercises with a kettlebell are performed with momentum, meaning your stabilizing muscles have to compensate for the added forces of complex movement. That allows you to stimulate entire muscle groups, rather than just one muscle in isolation. With a black matte, powder-coated finish, these Prime Kettlebells from Fringe Sport provide a great natural grip and are weighted for perfect balance.

Work out

7/8 High-Waist Checkpoint Legging | Alo Yoga

These high-waisted Checkpoint Leggings are made with Alo’s signature lifting, sculpting Airbrush fabric, which gives them a fit that flatters with easy-wearing comfort that feels more like a sweat pant-legging hybrid. With a front-smoothing panel, skinny drawstring waistband, open side pockets, and elevated seaming, they’re your new go-to for fitness.

Stay hydrated

Not Vodka Printed Bullet Bottle | Evolve Fit Wear

Drinking at least six to eight cups of water per day keeps your body functioning at its best, and that includes your energy levels and skin. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little levity to your hydration regimen. This stainless steel “Not Vodka” drinking bottle comes with double-walled insulation and a copper lining to ensure your beverage stays cold for up to 30 hours or hot for up to 12.

#3: Reconnect with yourself

Take the time out to get centered and refocus your body and mind on inner balance.

Practice yoga

Yoga Kit | Gaiam

Great for beginners, this alignment yoga mat features helpful printed guides to correctly position your body during poses. A yoga block helps you increase your flexibility and feel supported, while the included strap assists in improving range of motion and deepening stretches.

Stretch out

Ultimate Back Pain Bundle | Chirp

A favorite among back-pain sufferers, the Chirp Wheel puts pressure on the muscles surrounding the spine, helping stretch and strengthen them for myofascial release. The Ultimate Back Pain Bundle comes with three sizes of Chirp Wheel. Each offers a different level of massaging relief, including gentle, firm, and deep tissue, which helps get rid of your toughest knots.

#4: Get a good night’s sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial. The list of benefits includes a healthier immune system, weight control, and improved mood, focus, memory, reflexes, and athletic performance.

Rest easy

Rose Gold Sleep Mask | Slip

Light can greatly affect your body’s ability not only to get to sleep but to stay asleep. With its soft, luxurious Slipsilk fabric, made from the highest-grade long-fiber mulberry silk, this sleep mask from Slip will make sure it’s always lights out when you need to rest.

#5: Find the best look for every occasion

No glow-up would be complete without a natural makeup look, and that’s where a great eyelash serum comes in.

Essential Serum | Babe Lash

If you’ve wanted your lashes to look longer and more fluttery, without getting extensions or falsies, consider trying Essential Serum, Babe Lash’s best-selling product.

When you go for that new-year glow, don’t forget to complete your purchase with Amazon Pay, for a simple, seamless checkout experience.