Happy Buys: Great summer activities to continue into fall

Explore these fun indoor and outdoor activities to stay active and healthy this season.

The end of summer can be bittersweet — the excitement of a fresh start mixed with the sadness of saying goodbye to high temperatures and long days. But that doesn’t mean we’ve got to give up on fun outdoor activities and become a couch potato. That’s why we’ve assembled a collection of products from Amazon Pay merchants that will help you make the most of those last warm days, and transition into the crisp or rainy autumn days ahead.


Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 100 v13 Tennis Racquet | Tennis Express

While competitive tennis isn’t for the fainthearted, playing tennis as a hobby is a great workout for the entire body. Try your own hand at the sport with the Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 100 v13 Tennis Racquet from Tennis Express. The craftsmanship of the lightweight racket guarantees speed and mobility, and balances new and retro styles for a unique design. Want to see more great finds from Tennis Express? Check out their September Pop-up shop!


All-Star Set | SuperSpeed Golf

Despite summer ending, there is still a lot of time to enjoy some great golf in the autumn months. The All-Star Set from SuperSpeed Golf is the perfect companion to make young golfers feel and play like pros. If you’re trying to nurture the next professional golfer, give them an edge in their speed training with this starter set.

Playing games on the go

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G | Samsung
Many people prefer to play games with a tablet, however, they are often too bulky and don’t fit into a pocket or purse. Samsung has recently launched its third-generation flagship foldable Galaxy Z Fold3 5G phone. With the 7.6-inch screen equipped with excellent performance, perfected with the smooth 120 Hz display, the Galaxy Z Fold 5G provides a powerful experience to play your favorite games on the go.

Going to the movies


In Theaters | Atom Tickets

Are you looking for a fun plan to do on a rainy day? With Atom Tickets, you can find a movie theater close by that plays one of the new releases that you’ve been waiting for. Now with the Atom Tickets skill for Alexa, you can buy movie tickets hands-free. It’s as easy as saying, “Alexa, ask Atom to buy movie tickets for today.”


20kg Men’s Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell | Fringe Sport

With the 20kg Men’s Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell from Fringe Sport, you can get in some reps of your own and build your strength with this “workhorse” of a barbell. The durable and functional design makes it perfect to carry you through your entire strength journey, no matter what stage you’re at now.


Audiobooks | Audiobooks.com

Fall has a bookish, cozy vibe, but after all day in front of a screen, the thought of spending time with an e-reader or a physical book is not always as appealing as it once was. Here’s where audiobooks come in handy! Audiobooks.com provides you with fast and easy access to over 250,000 titles. Browse by Book Lists, Audiobook Clubs, or Genres to find your next audiobook. So you can unwind while enjoying another fall activity such as hiking, baking, or holiday shopping.

If you aren’t quite ready for the colder days yet, keep summer rolling with these great activities to bring into fall. Remember that with Amazon Pay you can experience all of your favorite things to do in the fall, easily shopping for your new gear in just a few clicks.