Happy Buys: Cozy up your home for the holidays

Make your home holiday headquarters with these great products from merchants that use Amazon Pay.

Spend more time at home this holiday season, enjoying your time with family members you’ve missed and taking a much-deserved break from the hectic year. Focus on making meaningful memories this year, instead of worrying about last-minute hosting duties or gifting mishaps. Start preparing early with the Amazon Pay Holiday Guide, which has all the essentials you need to get your home ready for the holidays.

With the Holiday Guide, you’ll never forget anything — or anyone — on your list. Just shop the guide and check out with Amazon Pay for an efficient, hassle-free checkout experience. Sooner than you know it, your home will be filled with laughter, family, and all your holiday goods.

Be the perfect holiday host

Prime Rib Roast | Snake River Farms

The holidays are just as much for eating as they are for family time. For a crowd-pleasing dinner, look no further than the Prime Rib Roast from Snake River Farms, made with their one-of-a-kind, specially bred American Wagyu Beef. Snake River Farms combines the robust taste of American beef with the complex flavor and texture of traditional Wagyu. The uniquely delicious flavor will be sure to impress everyone.

Magic Bullet Air Fryer | Nutribullet

The most versatile kitchen tool has to be the air fryer. Impress all your holiday guests with your elaborate, deceptively simple spread, or heat up leftovers from your family’s Christmas dinner. Whatever your preference, whether you’re a well-versed chef or kitchen novice, this Nutribullet Air Fryer will help you sail through the holidays, propped up on compliments from satisfied guests.

Farmtable Plank | Lulu and Georgia

Lula and Georgia’s signature blend of rustic elements with modern touches lends elements of coziness and sophistication to your home aesthetic. This farmtable plank is both functional and decorative, making it a necessary addition to your kitchen. It’s made of reclaimed wood with unique, organic character. Use it as a cutting board, serving platter, or stylish accent for your open shelves or budding kitchenscape.

Deluxe Sampler Collection | Milton Creamery

Be the host of the season by pulling out all the stops. A charcuterie board is a classy way to get guests buzzing, and making an elaborate spread of your own has never been easier. The Deluxe Sampler Collection from Milton Creamery should be an essential for any party. The bestselling platter contains 10 cheeses, guaranteeing something for everyone — just get there fast before it’s all gone.

Get ready for the holidays


Holiday Oversized Fabric Pillow | Homesquare

Make your home a holiday haven by upgrading your seasonal decor. Opt for this festive fabric pillow for an extra touch of holiday magic. The removable cover and invisible lining make it easy to clean and keep fresh so you can enjoy this time with loved ones instead of worrying over fussy furniture.

Firewood Rack | Woodcraft Supply LLC

Get warm and relaxed as the days get cooler by spending time curled up at the fireplace. This Firewood Rack from Woodcraft Supply LLC is an innovative storage solution for all your firewood. It comes complete with a waterproof cover to protect it from the elements and an open-air design for ventilation, so you can store firewood year-round outside or inside for all those cozy nights.

Serenity Sleep Weighted Blanket | Nectar Sleep

Make sure to prioritize your rest this holiday season with the Serenity Sleep Weighted Blanket from Nectar Sleep. Whether you’re getting a head start on some new year’s resolution or sleeping off a hectic holiday season, this weighted blanket will usher you into a deep slumber. The calming feel of the heavy blanket will comfort and relax you, while keeping you warm all throughout the winter.

Indulge yourself with these treats

Chocolate Syrup Trio | Skinny Mixes

’Tis the season for sweet treats and unapologetically indulging in all your favorite flavors. Add some much-deserved sweetness to your morning coffee with the Chocolate Syrup Trio by Skinny Mixes. These guilt-free syrups add all the flavor to your daily indulgence, but skip the added sugar, calories, and carbs.

Holiday Blend | Coffee Bros.

Coffee Bros has done it again, delivering high-quality coffee harvested from small coffee farms to produce a big, rich taste. Their Arabica coffee beans contain twice the flavor of most beans, making for complex notes and specific, smooth notes. The Holiday Blend is a combination of all your favorite seasonal tastes: cooked berry, cocoa, and wine.

Chocolate & Nuts Gourmet Gift Basket | Bonnie and Pop

Send some sweetness to your loved ones with this Bonnie and Pop holiday gift basket. The eclectic assortment contains candy cane cups, almond toffee, yogurt peppermint pretzels, chocolate foiled caramel balls, holiday peanut trail mix, peanut brittle, and peppermint saltwater taffy — all individually wrapped so you can take your time or indulge all at once. With something for everyone, this mix of holiday treats is a guaranteed people pleaser.

Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip | Wunderkeks

Fill your home with the nostalgic taste of fresh baked goods from Wunderkeks. Nurture your inner child with their kitchen-made, organic Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip cookies. Perfect for your pantry or giving as a gift to anyone with a sweet tooth, they’re made with no premixes, no trans fats, and no preservatives so you can focus on the irresistible taste.

Make this season one to remember with even more picks from the Holiday Guide. Your home will be the place to be this holiday, bringing everyone warmth and happiness all through the holiday season. With Amazon Pay, speed through checkout so you can spend more time browsing the Holiday Guide to fill your home with all the essentials for a perfect holiday.