Happy Buys: 7 companies embracing diversity and inclusion

These businesses are growing by investing in diversity and inclusion, supporting underrepresented communities through initiatives in-house and out in the world.

Many businesses, both large and small, know that the right way to make great products — products that are fairly made, easy on the Earth, and good for the people who buy them — starts in-house with a great working environment and strong values. The more companies can operate according to those values, the more teams will feel empowered to get creative and make exciting, out-of-the-box products that people will fall in love with — and the more customers will trust them.

Businesses that are embracing diversity — the diversity of both their teams and customers — know that equity and inclusion are much more than just policies, programs, and headcounts. Supporting open, diverse environments, both inside and outside an organization, can positively impact a business all the way from the C-suite to the customer experience.

In this edition of Happy Buys, we’re highlighting businesses that have prioritized diversity, equity, and inclusion as an essential part of their company’s growth and success.

Better Setter Setting Spray | Mented Cosmetics

The creators behind Mented Cosmetics want to help revolutionize the cosmetics industry, helping women find makeup that actually works for their complexion. The Better Setter all-day setting spray works for all skin types and provides the perfect finish to any look, creating a transfer-resistant seal so that your makeup stays in place all day.

{THE AND} Couples Edition | THE SKIN DEEP

From the company well-known for creating experiences to foster human connection, {THE AND} card game provides partners with the rare opportunity to rediscover each other. The deck includes 199 questions meant for people with established romantic connections, helping generate fresh conversations in a raw and authentic way.

Sweet & Salty Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub | BLK + GRN

BLK & GRN is on a mission to support Black artisans and shoppers by supporting their well-being through an all-natural marketplace. This sweet and salty scrub from Hunnybunny is infused with jojoba oil to clean deep into pores, sweeping away dead skin cells, and coconut oil to protect skin from free radical damage.

The Balconette | CUUP

CUUP is challenging outdated beauty standards with elegantly engineered underwear that’s designed to fit all bodies. The Balconette has an architectural, paired down silhouette, which only serves to enhance the high-quality fit and support that the bra provides, fitting all sizes comfortably.

Shampoo Bar | The Earthling Co.

This positive lifestyle brand has found innovative ways to provide plastic-free alternatives for everyday products, creating goods for the home and your body that are better for you and the planet. This shampoo bar works for all hair types, including bleached and curly hair, and the best part is that it’s made in the U.S. with 100% plastic-free packaging, giving it a low carbon footprint.

East Fourteenth | Red Bay Coffee

Red Bay Coffee seeks to hire and serve people of all backgrounds, striving to be diverse and inclusive of those who have traditionally been left out of the coffee industry. This Tanzanian Dark Roast is an homage to Oakland’s cultural impact that also showcases the talents of the coffee cooperative that grew the beans, Sweet Unity Farms.

Socks That Save LGBTQ Lives | Conscious Step

Conscious Step makes it easy to support the causes you care about while looking great at the same time. Each pair of these comfortable terry-padded and rainbow-striped socks helps provide contributions to The Trevor Project, which advocates on behalf of LGBTQ youth by advancing education and legislation.

Greatest Hits Variety Pack | Wunderkeks

Wunderkeks believes in the power of nurturing your inner child through irresistible, mouth-wateringly delicious, sweet treats. You can have it all with this cookie variety pack, which comes with chocolate chip cookies, inside-out chocolate chip cookies, and their coveted everything cookies — chock full of salty nuts and chocolate chips, coconut, with a crispy cinnamon sugar crust on top.

As so many of these businesses show, a company’s values and dedication to diversity can often be felt in the final product. As you’re shopping for things you love while also investing in a better world, remember that you can buy any of these products with Amazon Pay. If you already have an Amazon account, all you have to do is find the Amazon Pay button at checkout — it’s that easy.